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Highly-sought after NFT collectibles

Collectibles have been long coveted by users of the internet, with e-commerce sites like eBay contributing to their widespread popularity back in the 90s and 2000s. Beanie babies, baseball cards, stamps, and antiques were just some of the things people collected and traded on the world wide web back in the day, till this day.

Now collectibles are going digital. With non-fungible tokens (NFTs) taking over as tradable assets on the inter-web, these digital items are growing in appeal. Taking forms from digital art to photographs, to music and video clips, digital collectibles are finding commerciality in the market, with artists, corporations, and collectors all jumping onto the bandwagon.

Collectibles on Mintable

On Mintable, you can easily click on the ‘Collectibles’ option on the main page, and you’ll be able to peruse a symphony of collectibles minted by different creators.

Apart from some of the more notable collectibles, like the Trevor Lawrence x Topps Chrome collection (which sold for a whopping $225,000), and CNBC’s first NFT release, for which Mintable sold 37 $1,000 tokens, the Mintable marketplace is home to thousands of collectible items, ranging from art to game items and more.

Metazoogames is a popular collectible on Mintable, with NFTs that feature characters from their collectible card game.

 These are collectible cards made in the likeness of the Saitama Inu coin.

The perks of digital collectibles

The draw of digital collectibles in comparison to that of say, a baseball card, is its authentication factor. There is a level of uncertainty when it comes to trading rare baseball cards. Getting it authenticated before a sale is a time-consuming, expensive, and precarious process, with the potential of damaging the card and hurting its value along the way. NFTs are digital items whose nature circumvents that process. With blockchain technology, one can also easily peek into its own history and authentication information.

The value of resales

There are many different types of collectibles currently in circulation, ranging from art to sports, all with the potential of reselling at a price much higher than its first sale. Art collectibles like Hashmasks go from a mere $750, to its highest-grossing resale garnering $650,000. NBA Top Shot packs, with digital sports trading cards featuring notable players and their iconic moments on the court start at $9, but can have a resale value of up to $250,000.

You can imagine that as a collector, NFT collectibles hold the thrill of not only buying and trading in a traditional sense but the opportunity to resell at a higher price as well. For creators, it’s perhaps seeing your art reach the masses, along with the prospect of being able to sit back and enjoy the royalties from each resale.

Browse Mintable’s collectibles or mint your very own at mintable.app.

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