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6 NFT trends that have made headlines

We’ve seen rocks, punks, whales, and apes take over the crypto world in sweeping waves of buyer/collector enthusiasm, and possible equal amounts of skepticism. As NFTs get proliferated, generating higher demand, it leads to even more diverse and interesting new NFT projects. Over time, when communities develop an interest in a specific genre of NFTs, they turn into trends.

We’re running down the list of some of the more prominent NFT trends that have hit the market in recent times:

1. Avatar NFTs

Avatar NFTs are one of the most popular selling NFTs at the moment, leading the trend cycle for our list. One of the most hyped Avatar NFT sales happened just last month with Bored Apes, selling at $1 million. Some other avatar NFTs that sold for high prices in August include Cryptopunks, with its headlining Visa sale, and depending on what you consider an avatar, EtherRocks. Not forgetting notable mentions like Degenerate Apes, Pudgy Penguins, Cool Cats,  Meebit, and Stoner Cat, and more recently, Sevens and Sipher.

2. Digital Art NFTs

These are pretty self-explanatory, but the popularity of digital art NFTs was what ushered NFTs into the mainstream, mainly through the momentous and record-breaking sale of Beeples’ $69 million dollars ‘The First 5000 Days’ artwork.

Since Beeple, the NFT art market has exploded into wave after wave of artists making notable sales with NFTs. Even celebrities like grimes and Paris Hilton are minting their personal art to boost their brand, as well as for additional revenue. Art NFTs are also Mintable’s community choice for most favorite type of NFT, amongst others like gaming and collectible NFTs. [link favorite NFTs on Mintable article]

3. Gaming NFTs

With Axie Infinity becoming one of the most prominent and successful growing crypto game projects right now, we had to include gaming NFTs in our trend list. Gaming NFTs was also one of the first NFTs that became popular within the crypto community, gaining momentum with CryptoKitties in 2017 for their cute cat avatars and gameplay of purchasing, collecting, breeding, and selling them. Just last month big fashion houses Burberry and Louis Vuitton dropped NFT games of their own. Gaming NFTs continue to grow in demand, with more being developed to accommodate players. 

4. Sports Collectibles NFT

Without a doubt, Sports NFTs are something that will stay relevant even in times to come. As a trend, Sports NFT evolved from traditional card collecting, turning sports fanatics and card collectors quickly to its digital equivalent. Sports NFTs have also made significant bank in the market, with NBA Top Shots being its highest earner. Sports NFTs like NBA Top Shots can go for prices in the $100,000s. One of Mintable’s top-selling NFTs was one from the Trevor Lawrence x Topps Collection that sold for $225K.

5. Artificial intelligence NFTs

Another headlining NFT trend of the month is artificial intelligence NFTs, with Ethereum-based initiative Art Blocks selling one in their collection for a record 3.3million, feeding a frenzy of art buyers to pay top dollar for artificial intelligence art generated NFTs on the platform. Apart from Art Blocks, Fetch.ai, a decentralized machine learning (ML) company, launched an NFT platform that allows people to generate digital assets through AI and ML. 

Read more about AI and NFTs here: [link]

6. Gamifiable NFTs

The last on our list is gamifiable NFTs, a recent trend that took the market and community by storm. It all started a single project developed by Dom Hofmann, Vine’s creator called Loot

Loot is an NFT driven project consisting of “bags of loot”, essentially generated text of lists of fictional fantasy world weapons and equipment. Released into the world, the community has followed with gamifying those lists for themselves, developing derivative projects like guilds and games, amongst many others. They are incredibly high in demand, with resales selling for as high as $954,000. Since its release, a wave of similar NFT projects has emerged like The N Project and Bloot, a cheeky x-rated spin-off of the original Loot.

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