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Famous Italian Photographer Pietro Venchierutti dives into CryptoArt

Pietro Venchierutti is a Venice based Italian photographer well known for his works of typographical and abstract nature, such as:

Edizione: Astratto n. 1
Parete, dettaglio

His photographs are appreciated by many prominent Italian critics, amongst which are Luca Berta and Francesca Giubilei from Venice Art Factory. They are indeed some of the most distinguished art exhibition curators, especially at the well known ‘Venice Biennale’.

This is what they had to say about the work of Italian Photographer Pietro Venchierutti:

…each element of foreshortening, view, perspective depth or reflection in the water is obliterated by a strictly frontal image, which occupies the entirety of the frame. Venchierutti does not leave space for the gaze to get lost and intertwine in the Venetian landscape. On the contrary, it traps him in jerks close-ups of walls or flat surfaces, which suppress the third dimension…

Pietro has decided to make the leap forward into the NFT (non-fungible tokens) space, choosing Atelier 721 as curator and Mintable.app as the trusted showcase. With Mintable, Pietro is able to tokenize (create/turn) his works of art into blockchain items, which will be listed for sale and purchased globally for the cryptocurrency ETH (ethereum).

Using blockchain technology to sell his artwork provides a series of benefits he cannot get with other digital platforms or even real-life galleries. For example, the buyer of the NFT has a proven trackable record of ownership they can use for tracking and authenticity. This is inherent to all NFTs. But with Mintable, there is something called unlockable files. This means Pietro can provide the high resolution, full digital image of the works of art only to the person who has purchased it via blockchain technology, without any middlemen, and in a completely trustless manner.

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the art world. As we have already seen 300 million USD traded of crypto art this year alone, next year is poised to be the first 1 billion dollar year for cryptocurrency art.

You can buy Pietro Venchierutti’s at Mintable.app:

1: Verdazzurro – by PIetro Venchierutti – curated by Atelier 721uri…mintable.app

Edizione: Astratto n. 1- by Pietro Venchierutti – curated by Atelier 721uri…mintable.app

Parete, dettaglio – by Pietro Venchierutti – curated by Atelier 721uri…mintable.app

Pietro Venchierutti’s art was also featured in the Bologna International Exhibition ‘Spoleto Arte’ curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.


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