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Fashion Spotlight: MIRL

Seeing fashion labels grow their brand with NFTs is nothing new in today’s climate. The popularity of fashion-based NFTs has risen, and with good reason. Digital wearables are fast becoming the answer to some of fashion’s biggest challenges, such as sustainability and accessibility. With the Metaverse opening up as a means to conjure a second identity in the virtual world, many who traverse this dimension want fashions that reflect who they are in them as well. This would explain the success of various fashion NFT projects like Dolce & Gabbana, which created a nine-piece collection of fashion and couture NFTs, and luxury fashion collective RTFKT Studios which launched and sold virtual sneakers.

In this week’s spotlight article, we speak to MIRL, a fashion-driven NFT project looking to bridge the world of the digital and physical together. Find out what MIRL’s take is on what draws fashion and NFTs together, and how their project aims to stand out amongst the sea of other fashion-driven projects.

  1. Let’s start with just your description of what MIRL is, and how you or your team found the inspiration for this project.

    MIRL (pronounced as Mirror), also known as Made in Real Life, Metaverse in real life, Mint in real life, M__ in Real life, is the first decentralized fashion brand born into the metaverse. MIRL is a collection of 8,888 algorithmically generated unique avatars which represents more than just a collectible. Users will eventually get to own more than just merchandise. Each of these NFT will be issued with a one-of-a-kind physical wearable designed and produced in-house. MIRL’s mission is to empower individuals and designers all over the world. The concept of MIRL is to allow our community to mirror their metaverse activities in real life, using fashion as a medium to bridge the two worlds.
  1. What was the genesis story of the project? How did you put the core team together?

    MIRL was created by a group of friends who love fashion and wanted to make some dope wearable NFTs. The MIRL team consists of fashion designers, illustrators, engineers, security experts, business developers, and marketing professionals.

Joanna, one of the core founding members of MIRL is a fashion designer. Through her trade, she realized a strong need for individuals within the NFT community to have something in real life that represented their virtual identity. Hence, the idea to create fashion apparel that reflects the NFTs of PFP holders came about.

  1. Tell us more about your vision for the MIRL and how did you develop your plans for building and expanding it.

The traditional fashion industry faces multiple issues such as fast fashion wastage, exploitation of emerging designers, unprovable scarcity, and the lifelong debate regarding the role of fashion in helping people to fit in or stand out. Moreover, when it comes to the NFT industry, fashion is an art that has been overlooked by the current market. While NFTs have solidified their place in the Metaverse, they have yet to find a place in our physical world.

In response to these issues, MIRL hopes to build Web3’s first fashion brand, first fashion community, and first fashion incubator. At the current time of writing, there are no other projects embarking on similar issues.

  1. How much of MIRL is inspired by you and your team’s personal style? What part of fashion inspires you?

    My personal style is more casual, chic, cool, and versatile, which can be seen reflected in MIRL’s artworks. When designing, I consider both the aesthetic and utility of the piece. My vision statement is Interpretation, Innovation, and Identity – I think there’s a power in the garments that I design and I want my customers to feel the same when they put my clothes on. I believe my taste in fashion is reflected in my team as well. We love good outerwear. 

That is why MIRL’s initial concept involves creating jackets and hoodies. I would say MIRL’s identity is the team’s identity. We wanted to have not just male or unisex designs, but female outerwear as well. We believe the number of female NFT holders is growing, and to ignore that would be to overlook a large market. Every individual has their own perspective and interpretation of what they put on their backs, fashion means something different to everyone. That is what MIRL is about – multiple identities under one label.

  1. What do you think is the future of Fashion and NFTs?

    I strongly believe that digital wearables will be the next big thing in NFTs, and people will be able to utilize them within metaverse spaces, compatible with AR and VR functionalities. NFTs will be the key to a fresh whole category of collaborations between brands and industry – Fashion x Music, Fashion x Tech, Fashion x Art, Fashion x Food, etc.

    Sustainability is key when it comes to digital wearables. Not just preserving the longevity of the apparel, but avoiding deadstock and minimizing fabric wastage. I believe that fashion houses will want to tap into the digital realm with their physical apparel. Luxury houses have already begun to delve into the world of NFTs.

The future could mean wearing our NFT clothing in zoom meetings or having a virtual fashion show where you get to wear these digital clothes and attend as your avatar. 

  1. What are the MIRL NFT traits you would say you are most excited about?

    The physical wearables of course. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as your avatars? If cosplaying and Halloween costumes exist, why not adopt an outfit for your avatar in the Metaverse as well?
  2. Are there any special utilities that collectors can get out of their MIRLs?

    Physical wearables, exclusive access to virtual or physical fashion events, entitlements with partners, our utility token $MIRL airdrop, and early access to future seasonal collection/drops.
  1. Run the readers through the roadmap, perhaps you could clue some of us in as to what can be expected?

    Stay tuned for exciting collaborations with named brands, new designers, and physical events all over the world. Our $MIRL token launch is also around the corner.
  1. The drop will include 8888 MIRLs, where do you see these OG 8888 going? Since they will be wearables, are there any other add-on NFTs for new wearables?

As part of our development roadmap, we will be allowing users to acquire other clothing and apparel NFTs in the future to create a Metaverse wardrobe. That being said, physical products are available as well. These genesis NFTs will be entitled to the highest membership tier within the ecosystem.

  1. Lastly, is there anything else in the works? (new collections, collabs, etc)

    We have recently onboarded a few creatives under our DAO. Is not limited to just fashion designers, we have illustrators, musicians, visual artists that we will be working closely with. We can’t reveal too much as of right now, so follow us on Discord and Twitter to stay updated.
  1. Where can readers go to find more information?


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