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Mintable Go Fund — Investing in The Metaverse, Investing in our future

At Mintable, our mission is simple — we want to be the place on the internet to mint any NFT. We believe that as NFTs grow in popularity, social, financial and cultural frameworks will get built around the creation and collection of them, there will be a need for low/no code platforms to serve the market efficiently for mass adoption.

This is why we started the Mintable marketplace. To help onboard millions in the creator economy to harness the power of the NFT technology in their creations.

But we alone cannot change the world.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We look around us and see that like us — many see the potential of NFTs and are committing their lives to building it. And we also see the missing pieces. We see the lack of infrastructure, lack of tools. We know that when all of these get built out, the metaverse will be a much better place.

Today we are proud to announce Mintable Go, a fund dedicated to all projects NFT-related. We will make all investments out of our balance sheet — there are no LPs in this fund, no corporate partnerships to be formed — we want to make decisions quick and move fast.

We will dedicate 10% of our company resource to this undertaking— we want to not just be financial backers, but provide the collective resource and knowledge of the Mintable team. By being a Mintable Go company, you will gain access to our time, our community, our treasures and our ties.

We invest across a spectrum of projects and are category-agnostic. dApps, Layer 1s, Layer 2s, marketplaces — even if you look like you would be a competitor to the Mintable core business, we can invest in you.

There will also be access to our network of investors as well as a possible strategic partnership and integration to our products.

If we are successful, the Mintable Go fund would have helped support a generation of NFT companies that will go on to impact the lives of millions.

Here’s to a better world, a better future, and the metaverse we call home.

To submit a proposal to Mintable Go!, visit: https://mintable.app/go-fund

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