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Mintable’s 2021: A Year in Review

Happy new year everyone!

We’ve made it into 2022, yet another year for boundless opportunities and achievements!

Looking back, 2021 was indeed the year of NFTs. 

The popularity of NFTs truly soared during the year. It is now commonplace to mention the term “NFT” during casual catch-ups with friends, meetings with clients, and conversations with strangers at parties. It has even found itself at home with meme culture on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. The NFT space has provided a revenue channel for previously unknown creators and artists, while big brand names have delved into the various use cases of NFTs to help propel their businesses into the future. Facebook’s rebrand to Meta has certainly catapulted the Metaverse into the mainstream consciousness of peoples (a concept that will take over 2022), much to the excitement of NFT creators, collectors, and marketplaces across the globe. While PFPs have become somewhat of a norm in the digital world of the flex as well as in service of personal and self-branding online.

A Look Back at 2021

Thanks to our team, our supporters and investors, as well as our community of creators and collectors, 2021 was also one of the best years for Mintable. Our platform has made significant strides in the industry, from some of the biggest NFT drops to our largest platform update yet, to the most recent Immutable X layer 2 solution that was integrated.

So for our first editorial post of 2022, it is only fitting that we reflect on the crazy year that we’ve had, and how far we’ve come since we started back in 2018.

Mintable launched publicly only in September and December 2020, both on the Ethereum and Zilliqa platforms. Since then, we’ve grown immensely, with support from our investors and partnerships.

By the end of 2021, we had surpassed everything else we had done – and it all started with the launch of our gasless minting option.


21/1 – Mintable launches its gasless minting service on their marketplace, one of the very first marketplaces to offer gas-free minting for NFT creators in order to combat rising gas prices.


4/3 – Mintable becomes one of the Mark Cuban companies.

26/3 – Matthew Tkachuk mints his NFT on Mintable and becomes the first NHL player to release and sell an NFT.


29/4 – Still one of the most successful NFT drops in 2021, Trevor Lawrence sells his NFT for US$230k.


24/5 – Mintable hosts its very first NFT charity drop for CNBC on the 10th death anniversary of Mark Haines, raising US$61k from the event.


1/7 – Mintable raises US$13million during its series A funding round.

28/7 – Mintable joins the Mastercard program.


15/8 – Mintable launches its very own editorial blog, with specially curated content including news pieces, creator and project spotlights, educational resources, and more.

18/8 – Sellers’ University launches on the Mintable marketplace platform, a series of educational videos featuring Zach Burks himself, to empower creators to learn more about NFTs.

20/8 – Mintable for college athletes, an initiative specifically created for college athletes looking to use NFTs on their journey was launched.


3/9 – Mintable joins the TikTok generation with our very own #Mintablechallenge on TikTok.


Congratulations to our 3 winners of the #mintablechallenge @salvewake @3dpromax.apps @artisticaxel amazing work!

♬ original sound – Mintable.app – Mintable.app


3/11 – Some of Mintable’s most major improvements were done during our platform update, which included an extended inventory of every ERC-721 token on the Ethereum on our marketplace, as well as some premium features for creators and collectors like sales analytics, rarity meter, direct messaging, and so much more.


2/12 – Mintable dedicates 10% of all the companies resources to invest and support all NFT-related projects with our Mintable Go Fund.

13/12 – The Mintable marketplace brings low-cost, zero gas NFTs by integrating a layer 2 protocol with Immutable X.

22/12 – Mintable launches its very first digital Gallery at oncyber, featuring some of the most exciting NFTs owned by the team.

What’s in 2022 for Mintable?

Mintable has so much in store for the year 2022, including plans for a multi-chain platform, partnerships with many prominent actors in the industry, and the much-anticipated launch of the business-focused Mintable arm. Who knows, if it all goes well, we might even launch our very own Mintable token 😉 With all that said, we really can’t wait to grow Mintable and share more of our achievements with all of you!

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