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New Feature Release: Social Sharing

We’ve launched a simple yet extremely powerful tool for our creators. The ability to share your NFTs to all your social media platforms.

Pick your poison

Unlocking more organic reach

While this seems like a regular feature, when paired with our Discover tool, it can be a very powerful instrument for creators to increase the visibility of their NFTs!

On Mintable’s homepage, we have a dedicated section just for NFTs that are voted by our community called “Community Picks”:

Yes, you’d want your NFTs here on Mintable’s homepage.

As creators, what you want to do is encourage your community on social media to vote for your NFTs for a higher chance of being featured here.

Vote for your favorite NFTs over here
What would your community say about your NFT?

And hey, if you get enough eyeballs and votes, you might even make it to our “Trending NFTs” section of our home page!

Which NFT would you boost today?

For a quicker way to instantly get more eyeballs on your NFTs, check out Mintable’s Pro Services.

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