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NFT Authenticity Verification Feature – Safeguarding Collectors From Stolen Art

NFT Authenticity Check

Why Are NFT Authenticity Checks Important?

Among the inherent problems of digital art is the potential for plagiarism. Once an artwork is uploaded to the internet, there is nothing to stop others from copying it and selling it as their own work. Without proper mechanisms for verification, it can be hard to trust the provenance of an artwork bought online.

This is why NFTs are so promising – the fact that they are publicly visible on the blockchain means that the provenance of a piece can be verified throughout the life of the work, no matter how many times it gets re-sold. However, while NFTs provide a means to evidence authenticity, in practice, one does not need to actually own the copyright of an artwork to mint it in the first place. 

From Cryptokitties to actual copycats

Recently, the artwork of Derek Laufman was fraudulently sold on the Rarible marketplace by an impersonator who managed to register a verified profile on the platform. This case is one of many that has emerged as NFT scams become more commonplace.

Such cases have highlighted the need for proper governance and better systems of verification. However, fraud remains a pervasive problem amongst NFT marketplaces – most platforms do not offer verification services, and when they do, the mechanisms of verification are usually inadequate for properly identifying impersonators and counterfeits.

Mintable is the first platform to offer NFT authenticity checks 

Removing barriers associated with a lack of trust and transparency are a requisite for making the NFT marketspace truly accessible to everyone. For this reason, Mintable.app has added a new feature that allows users to verify the authenticity of artworks on the platform.

How does it work?

Our authenticity checks use a reverse image search to verify that the artwork is unique. When you mint an NFT, we scan the entire internet for the artwork, and display all the results on the buying page. Aside from identical images, we also show those that are visually similar – to catch copies that were made with minor tweaks to them as well. 

While it is hard to truly guarantee that a particular work has not been stolen, our authenticity check ensures that you can find all instances in which a piece has been displayed online, and gives collectors a better idea of how original an artwork may be. It’s not a catch-all, but it’s an important first step towards protecting the interests of NFT creators and collectors alike.

Are you an NFT creator or collector? Join the Mintable community today – the first and only NFT marketplace to offer authenticity verification.

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