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What is a Gaming Guild?

Since the NFTs and crypto have catapulted into the mainstream, crypto and NFT driven games have been the topic that’s hot in the crypto space. With a new mode of gameplay that allows gamers to earn while they play, as opposed to the usual play-to-win format, gamers are co-opting traditional ways of beating the game and earning more money – through gaming guilds.


Gaming guilds aren’t a new concept at all. Gamers have been gathering in guilds for online and offline games for decades, such groups have also been called factions, clans, or communities. There are a number of reasons why people come together in gaming guilds. 

First off, there’s the social aspect of gaming guilds. Gamers can find other like-minded gamers from different corners of the world and together, grow a community through games that everyone enjoys playing together. Another reason for gaming guilds is to pool together resources in order to “win” or advance in a game with a stronger alliance.

Crypto gaming guilds are no different. With P2E games, the goal is to advance and earn as much as possible through playing. A gaming guild is a good way to form strong communities that have the best alpha. Ultimately, with P2E games, gaming guilds offer the best chances of amassing more money as you play.

Axie Infinity

One of the most popular games that came out of the p2e crypto gaming trend wave was Axie Infinity, a game that allows you to battle and breed cute in-game characters called Axie. During the pandemic, Axie Infinity gave many Filipinos an income when they lost their jobs. As popularity grew, so did the demand for the game. Eventually, the difficulty in acquiring game tokens to play also began to increase. The founder of Yield Guild Games (YGG) Dizon, saw an opportunity and started renting out his Axies in a guild system now known as “scholarships”. The gamers who rented these Axies are called ‘scholars’. These Axie scholars would then share 10% of their proceeds and earnings from playing the game with the guild, 20% with the community managers, leaving themselves with 70% of the profit. 

Changing the Game

GameFi and p2e are certainly changing the way gamers are approaching gaming, although it hasn’t broken too far away from traditional gaming concepts like guilds. Especially amidst the P2E and gameFi landscape, it has been at the forefront of community building and a gateway for new opportunities in the gaming industry. GameFi and P2E have only just begun to blossom, so there is no telling what new and exciting guilds are going to be created and formed, and what that entails for the blockchain and crypto space.

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