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#WPU: Weekly Product Updates – 26 Nov 2021

Gm fam! 

It’s been a week since we launched – thank you for the support so far. We’ve been listening closely to your feedback and are making improvements along the way. 

Here’s some stuff we did this week: 

  1. Product Page: Account Login Pop-Up 

We added a login pop-up for easy login access on the product page. This will save you the trouble of getting out of the product page to login before you make your purchase.

  1. Product Page: Connect Wallet Pop-Up 

If you have not connected your wallet before buying, you will now see a ‘Connect Wallet’ pop-up prompting you to connect your MetaMask wallet. A little reminder goes a long way!

  1. Product Page: New Collapsible Auction Function (Mobile Only)

You can now easily collapse the auction feature on your mobile when accessing the product page. Cheers to a better mobile viewing experience!

  1. Store History: UI Updates on Analytics Graph 

We have updated the misalignment of the statistical visuals shown under ‘Store History’. 

  1. ‘Scroll to Top’ Button Added

No more finger cramps from scrolling up and down our pages to search through the largest NFT marketplace. We’ve added the ‘Scroll to Top’ button for an easier browsing experience.

  1. User guidance on Accepting Offers 

We have also a simple explanation about the process for accepting offers before you approve the transaction for your listing.

Other Fixes

  1. Preview images will now be shown when you share links in the comments section of the product page.
  2. Chatbox feature on mobile has been removed so that users can scroll through the page without disruption
  3. Product page loading for iOS devices are now fixed
  4. Flagged listings with invalid signatures and affected sellers have been informed to relist their listings
  5. Updated the platform to prevent users from buying an item if it was traded recently with another user and if the signature is invalid
  6. Store post button on mobile will now only appear once your wallet is connected

Let’s hear from you

If you have encountered any bugs, or have any suggestions or ideas to help us improve the platform for the community, hit us up on Discord or Twitter – we’d be happy to hear from you!

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