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Year in Review —How was 2020 for Mintable?

Let’s take a look at what Mintable has achieved throughout the year of 2020:

Since the launch of Mintable V2.0, we have seen daily traffic ranging from 500–1000 individual unique visitors! These numbers can be greatly attributed to the app’s killer features.

Apart from existing features that aid both new or experienced users in creating and managing your ERC-721, our next-gen NFT Marketplace also listens to its users and has updated and developed so much in a short time since its launch.

Keep scrolling for more about its updates throughout this article!

Where it all started.

Mintable was the first platform to allow anyone to make their own very own NFT and retain complete ownership over the smart contract, the first tool to batch mint NFTs, and the first tool to manage your NFTs from any ERC-721 contract.

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It’s been a long journey from these days to its current highly anticipated launch of V2.0.

Over 500 NFTs have been exclusively made on Mintable.

And with good reason, as its ease and complete ownership over the smart contract, we are likely to even see dev improvements and additional features for minters.

Marketplace Numbers

So since December 1st, we have had the following numbers:

  • 100, 000 unique visitors
  • 1, 500 new users
  • Over 1, 000 NFTs listed for sale
  • 1, 000+ tokens created
  • 85 Smart contracts deployed
  • Total volume: $48,000 USD

Hundreds of people buying and selling NFTs

We are so proud of all our different ‘firsts’ the platform has experienced, particularly the attraction and volume this platform received even in its very early days since launch. Read more in this article and in its recent highlights of featured artworks and artists.

One for the Prophecies

One of the more notable moments of the year was the sale of an NFT made by world-famous artist Pak that was auctioned on Mintable and sold for $5,000!

Mintable’s auction feature works just like eBay. Place your bid and you will receive a notification when you get outbid. The winning bidder will have 3 days to make payment. No transactions will take place during bids.

We can only anticipate seeing a lot more exclusive drops in the near future, as we see many artists and creators moving towards Mintable. Naturally, with that development also see a great increase in collectors following suit.

Institutional support

In September, Ethereum Ecosystem Support Program gave a grant to Mintable to improve a series of functionalities for NFTs.

Not much needs to be said apart from the obvious, that intuitions are also noticing this next-gen marketplace’s value to the NFT space. The platform has already made leaps and bounds to fulfilling its initial promises, and is continuously listening to feedback from its NFT marketplace users, and have already fixed bugs in an extremely timely manner, with more updates and developments in the works!

Earn a percentage of the platforms earnings!

The platform has already accumulated 50 individuals with governance tokens.

Learn to earn your very own $MINT NFT’s simply through contribution in this article.

The first-ever proposal for the DAO has been very recently submitted.

Mintable Town Hall — Share 2.5% Fees to $MINT holders first proposal on Mintable and all $MINT holders can vote on this!mintable.medium.com

Exciting news for MINT holders!

If this proposal is voted through, it would mean that as holder of the MINT NFT, you will be distributed a percentage of the total fees received on the platform elaborated in this current proposed equation.

“Fee received = $MINT balance/Total existing $MINT supply x Total 2.5% fee collected so far”

The baseline for this is despite owning governance rights and votes on the platform, one can earn $MINT solely based on contribution towards the platform, which in the future will just earn you residual based on the fees collected by the platform.

By selling these MINT NFTs you have earned as separate NFTs on the market, it is possible to create a market on its own – very exciting!

Watch Zach Burks, the founder of this Next-Gen NFT marketplace speaking in an online webinar in December about paving the way for adoption in the NFT ecosystem.

‘listening to feedback from its NFT marketplace users and have already fixed bugs in an extremely timely manner and are planning to roll our more updates and developments.’

What else can we look forward to?

  • Adding a way to withdraw funds for MINT holders from the revenue Mintable makes, and splitting governing NFT into separate NFTs via the site directly.
  • Toggle all prices on the site between ETH and USD.
  • Mintable added Coinbase wallet as one of its supported wallets.
  • Hiding duplicates on the browse page to create a cleaner page for users.
  • An added option to extend auctions if there is any bid in the last hour.
  • A possible option to sell physical NFTs which will allow users to sell physical items, backed with shipping and an escrow service.

To conclude:

We are proud to have seen Mintable progress greatly this last year. With favorable adoption rates only a month since its launch, we expect to see these numbers grow exponentially as the app continuously adds even more features for the community’s creators, artists, and collectors. Its autonomy and governance fully in the hands of its users, is exactly how we would like to see the world’s first NFT DAO progress! To find out more or to participate do check out the links below.

Are you an NFT creator or collector? Join the Mintable community today – the first and only NFT marketplace to offer authenticity verification. 

Join our NFT family today –

For more information, visit mintable.app

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