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5 unique items minted on Mintable

NFTs have now become a common lexicon in the world of art, digital collectibles, and music, as popularised by the sale of Beeple’s work of art “Everydays: the First 5000 Days” and Kings of Leon’s ‘When You See Yourself’. But the uses of NFTs extend far beyond the singular, one-dimensional uses, and can encompass so many other modes far more interesting, rare, and unexpected. The world is everybody’s oyster as far as NFTs go, and we’re only beginning to scratch the surface. Read on as we delve into Mintable’s vault to give you a look at some unique, rare, and interesting items, art, or otherwise that have been minted as NFTs, might it inspire you to create your very own.

1. YPi Visual Mantra 1.62 II inverted Red, White and purple
A Fibonacci patterned mandala designed to improve your creative writing mind

Also known as  “nature’s secret code” and is one of the world’s most famous formulas in mathematics – it is the Fibonacci sequence. Some may have wondered what a sequence like that would look like made into an NFT. Well, this NFT made by artist dhyano is a digital moving image created using a series of colors and formulated with the Fibonacci code. The artist had used this unique set of patterns to design a visual mantra; that according to them, improves your cognitive skills in creative writing. Definitely an interesting one as the artist suggests “Watching this mantra for few minutes with a soft glance is the equivalent of drinking a cocktail based on lavender and aniseed flavors.”

Seller: dhyano
Price: 0.066186 ETH

2. Rare March 1890 Collection – Physical Book Included
Vintage and Rare – March 1890 Edition of Pocket Cyclopedia

If you’re a fan of old books and vintage cyclopedias, this one is for you. This NFT is an image of an 1890 edition (6th) of Everybody’s Pocket Cyclopedia, published by Saxon & Co. Although the real takeaway is not so much the NFT, but rather what entails after its purchase. In its unlockable content, the creator offers downloadable files of the entire book, from cover to content including 100 greatest man dynasties, historical data, races of mankind, maps, and the royal family historical listing – a total of 18 files. As the winning bidder of this NFT, the rare book will also be personally couriered to wherever you are in the world.

Seller: julianfree13
Starting bid: 0.038478 ETH

3. Worldmapx

What if we told you there was a way for you to buy and own land, or whole countries of your choosing, and forever? You can with Worldmapx. Venice, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, and more, you can name it, you can buy it. Worldmapx has developed NFTs for the many countries that exist on their digital world map. The idea is to revolutionize the current advertising market and integrating that onto a digital plane that people can own and use as advertising space forever, by purchasing their digital land. Worldmapx’s digital accurately scales to the world and even has a digital grid that allows users to go through the exact dimensions of the land. If you’ve ever wanted to own an entire country, then Worldmapx is for you.

4. IchthusNation

Hailed as “the largest global digital nation-state in the world led by a woman”, IcthusNation is a fictional nation that has its own ecosystem for education, land ownership, marketplace, etc. It functions by way of its very own IchthusNation digital currency called IchthusCoins. When you buy their NFT, you become what they call an IchthusCitizen, which entitles you to shop on their marketplaces with their coins. The NFT itself includes a citizen avatar, that confirms your citizenship to Ichthus Nation, a physical T-shirt that will be shipped out to you, an enrolment into the Citizenship Certificate Program, as well as 10 starter IchthusCoin tokens for purchases in IchthusNation. 

Find out more: https://linktr.ee/ichthusnation


Creator Alania promises that “tomorrow starts today” with her premium digital fashion brand ‘L’Affaire Russe’, featuring beautiful NFTs that illustrate the intersection of activewear and Russian Ballet. Her NFTs are an homage to the art of Ballet, a key contributor to Russian heritage. These NFTs are a way of enabling her to continue in her practice and to produce underwear and digital wear adorned by the “image of the elegant female body”, something Alania promises is in every aspect of her corporate identity. Perhaps more interesting than the NFTs is her promise of a super creative day with the buyer of the NFT.

Seller: Alania
Price: 0.814067 ETH

Notable mention:

Mind’s Eyeland Time #2

Mind’s Eyeland Time was a three-day wellness retreat on the Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The event took place March 12, 13, 14, 2021, at Camp St. John at Neptune’s Lookout and was ticketed on Mintable via NFTs.

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