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Creator Spotlight: Mozen_

When a young artist becomes a hot seller on Mintable, it’s hard not to take notice. Since joining Mintable, Mozen_ has minted 25 NFTs, for which almost all of them have been sold.

Mozen_ utilizes social media as a tool for platforming his works, as well as a portfolio for his art, and has succeeded in garnering a small following as a result. His works are truly inspiring and are able to capture the imagination of anyone who loves fantastical characters, zombies, or avatars with futuristic accessories. He is humble and down to earth about what he has achieved, attributing it to faith and to God.

We interviewed Mozen_ to get to know him a little better, explore how he arrived at making the art that he does, and who his influences are. 

Zombie Ninja and Samurai Duet by Mozen_

Q: Where did the name Mozen_ come from?

The name Mozen comes from when I used to do graffiti in and around spontaneously, I would use the letter M as a tag. This made my art more recognizable and also meant it would be faster and easier to leave a signature. The M is symbolic of my last name, Mauludin.

Zombie Avatar #7 Hero by Mozen_

Q. How long have you been making art, and why did you decide to focus on digital art?

Well, like most artists I started making art when I was a child. It was only when I started working in 2017 as an adult that I began really focusing on creating digitally. It came from the desire to know more in the digital age, especially pertaining to the field of art and how I could expand my skills.

Q. How did you arrive at the style that you have now?

I’m inspired by my country and the many artists that live and create here. I find that I learn a lot from what they have created. Artists like Muklay, Crack the toy, Herzven, Angga Tantama, AlienAvatar are some of my biggest inspirations. Out of all of them Crack the toy has really influenced me the most artistically.

DuckDuck Broken by Mozen_

Q. What are some of the narratives/themes do you explore with your work and can you share a little about your artistic process?

The themes that surround my art are usually themes that explore the future, and how they intersect with Indonesian culture. To me, the future is kind of like a video game, it is a place where I am able to map out my thoughts about it and convey that to an audience. I’m also very influenced by the style of Japanese artists. I use photoshop as a tool for creating my works in that fashion. I don’t have any fancy tools, just a simple computer and mouse setup.

Q. What advice would you give to new creators on Mintable?

I would tell them to keep developing the potential that’s within them and not to give up.

Bad Rabbit by Mozen_

Q. What has been your favorite part of joining Mintable?

My favorite part about joining Mintable has to be the gasless minting option. Because there aren’t any gas fees, it is most useful for new artists who are looking to be creators and sell their works on Mintable.

Find his works on Instagram @mmozen_ and @zombieavatar

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