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Top-performing NFTs sold on Mintable

Let’s face it. NFTs are no longer just a trend. Artists, brands, auction houses, galleries, and fashion labels are all starting to garner revenue from selling their minted digital items, and it’s only just the beginning. Why? NFTs grant creators a lot of freedom and agency over their work. The visibility of an NFT on the blockchain renders an artwork verifiable throughout its lifetime, even through the number of resales. This prevents hacking, stealing, tampering with by greedy hands that want to make a quick profit. NFTs existing on the blockchain also mean that every transaction can be identified and securely tracked, making fraud unlikely, though not impossible

The stereotype of the tortured, broke artist/creative archetype is long gone. In this day and age, creatives are viewed more like entrepreneurs. With the advent of NFTs, digital rights, and a possible end-all for copy-paste culture in the digital art world, it could only mean great things for any NFT creator – and how well NFTs can sell in the future.

Let’s have a look at some of the best performing NFTs that have been on Mintable so far:

1. trevorlawrence

Launched in April 2021 and still one of the biggest Mintable drops to date, the NFT collection was a team-up between Topps and at-the-time promising starting quarterback in Clemson history, American football quarterback Trevor Lawrence. It was created following the overwhelming success of a sold-out issue of an exclusive box set of cards depicting the No.1 pro draft selection. The NFT collection featured five open-edition cards, with the opportunity to receive an exclusive Chrome card, and a 1/1 auction of a signed Superfractor card and signed Artist Proof card.

The six-piece collection of NFT collectibles were a collaboration between Trevor and his brother and sister-in-law, artist duo Chase and Brooke Lawrence. Multi-colored illustrations featuring the likeness of the football player himself, these creations are the product of Trevor’s and his family’s close bond reflecting their inner world and personalities.

To reach the goal of availability for a wider audience, the exclusive collectibles were priced at $200 each. Collectors who purchased all of five open-edition collectibles were entitled to receive the special exclusive limited-edition physical Chrome card. It is Trevor’s first and only chrome card, granted only to buyers of all the Open Edition NFTs.


If you’ve lived through the 90’s you’ll be familiar with streetwear brand BAPE. Its legacy and deep links to hip hop and street culture anchored its position as one of the most enduring labels of contemporary streetwear brands of all time, iconic for its camo pattern. 

For the debut NFT release on Mintable, BAPE, alongside sister brand AAPE, announced that there would be five limited-edition NFTs in conjunction with CROSS STUDIO. It included three classic BAPE ABC camo patterns, as well as two designs dubbed AAPE x Lilkool Artwork 1 and AAPE x Eric Inkala Artwork 1. Offering up to 5,000 units, the first was the most available NFT to have been released. Followed by the more limited run of 250 units for the blue and pink patterns, and the 150 units of the classic, most recognizable BAPE print in classic ABC camo print in green.

Jeremejev explained in a press release that “[s]ince its unique designs drive the brand experience, it only makes sense to take advantage of NFTs as a way to keep the ecosystem cutting edge. And, considering that BAPE® has collaborated with partners such as Marvel, SpongeBob, and Nintendo, the potential for future digital art NFT collaborations is enormous.”


The NFT launch with CNBC on Mintable was one of the most notable because it was Mintable’s first charity auction, as well as CNBC’s first NFT release. In honor of the late newsman Mark Haines, the main item on sale was an NFT of Haines announcing the bottom of the stock market crash during the Great Recession on CNBC, on March 10, 2009, at 9:47 am ET. Sold for an astounding $61,210.60, the winning bid was from Landry’s Chairman and CEO Tilman Fertitta, who also owns the Houston Rockets.

All of the proceeds from the auction went to two charities – one being Autism Speaks, the favorite charity of the Haines family, and the Council for Economic Education, which supports financial literacy. Mintable itself sold 37 $1,000 tokens.


4. Metazoogames

As a trading card game with a gameplay that breaks the 4th wall and has collectible cards about Cryptids like Bigfoot, Mothman, Slide-Rock Bolter, Indrid Cold, and the Flatwoods Monster, you can expect that MetaZoo™’s NFTs embodied that same energy with their release on Mintable.

With inspiration from the collectible card game, their NFT creations were pixel art interpretations of the many characters, animated into a gif format.


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