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Creator Spotlight – Anahid

Anahid is an Iranian artist who transforms oil and canvas into a window to the human soul. Her paintings marry melancholy and beauty, to reveal the quiet duality that lies within us all.

When she was introduced to NFTs, Anahid saw how it could be a bridge between artists and the world, and began selling her works on Mintable. Among a sea of digital art, Anahid’s physical paintings are reminiscent of our own physicality. 

We spoke to Anahid to find out more about her works and her journey as an artist. So let’s take a peek behind the canvas, and dive deeper into the mind of an artist who creates emotion through art. 

Could you tell me a bit about yourself, your background and how you got into NFTs?

I chose to become a painter because I have a great love for painting. I’ve been doing it professionally for 6 years. In my opinion, a painting is a window from the mind and soul of an artist to the outside world. 

I have only held exhibitions in my own country, but I would love to work globally – to show my thoughts and feelings to the people of the world through painting. 

I was introduced to the concept of NFTs a while ago, and I think this is a great way to progress in the art world. It greatly contributes to the integration of investment in the field of art, and allows artists and art lovers from all over the world to interact with one another.

Tell us more about your collection 

I tried to show the beautiful soul of a human being in all my paintings. Painting is an art that knows no boundaries. It can communicate with any heart and mind. My works all allude to parts of the human soul and the importance of beautiful thought.

Above the storm – 

Every human being has two halves, dark and light. Every human being has a past that is associated with good and bad. But they can always reach their peak by trying and deferring to the pure nature of human beings, along with all the darkness and light like an angel.

-Alone inside – 

The power of man is within him, despite all the flaws, pain, sorrows and loneliness. If we do not lose hope, we can find a way to grow from any deficiency. In this work, I allude to the value of the human mind and the beautiful gaze of knowledge. In this great world, only the power of human thought, and the soul within him, is valuable. Human appearance is just a shell and we are all the same.

Tell us about your journey as an artist

I am very happy with the path I have chosen. Even if I went back in time, I would still pursue art and painting. My only dream is to be able to leave a positive mark of myself in this world with my works, and to acquaint the world with my thoughts and feelings towards humanity. To progress in this way is my definition of success.

 Why did you choose Mintable for your NFTs?

Because I feel that first and foremost, they support the artist, and it is a good platform which provides good opportunities to sell works.

View Anahid’s profile on Mintable

View Anahid’s works on Instagram @anahid 

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