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#MintableChallenge Creators’ Spotlight

Last month, Mintable made our foray into TikTok with the announcement of the #MintableChallenge

For 20 days, we invited artists from all walks of life to create an original artwork that features a creative spin on the Mintable logo and upload it to TikTok. 3 winners were then selected based on the number of likes they received on their submission.

With the quality and talent that was shown with every submission, we happily congratulate the 3 winners of the #MintableChallenge!

🥇1st place: @wakeverso

🥈2nd place: @3dpromax

🥉3rd place: @ArtisticAxel

Thank you to the amazing artists who took part in the #MintableChallenge, you truly blew us away with the quality and creativity of your art!

We got in touch with each of them to understand their approach to making these artworks, as well as to get to know each of them better as artists.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Wakeverso: I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. Everybody calls me ‘wake’. It comes from a nickname I had in the online game Ragnarok, where ‘wake’ was short for ‘wakemovie’. I always felt strongly influenced by digital cultures, so I would sign my art pieces as “wake”, for the meaning of “being awake” and also for how cool it sounded.

3dpromax: My personal name is Hugo René García but the name of my company is

3dpromax, which is why I use “3dpromax” for most of my social channels. The name 3dpromax is made from 3 components: 3D = Third Dimension, Pro = Professional Projects, and Max = Maximum Quality. I am based in Colima city, Mexico currently, although I was abroad for many years.

ArtisticAxel: My name is Axel Berrios but I go by Artistic Axel when making art. I’m originally from Puerto Rico but currently reside in Glendale, Arizona.

How did you find out about the TikTok challenge and what are your thoughts on the TikTok NFT creator community?

Wakeverso: I was casually on Twitter when I saw the editorial for the #MintableChallenge. It felt like a great beginning for me and it motivated me to do something cool. Tiktok is a great way for new NFT artists like me to improve and share NFTs and new projects.

3dpromax: I found out about the #MintableChallenge on the Mintable.com page and was immediately interested. TikTok seems like an excellent tool for the community to share our NFT creations. It is a shame we cannot directly click on the NFT link for sale through the TikTok platform.

ArtisticAxel: I found out about the challenge through Twitter.

Walk us through creating the artwork for the challenge, how did you go about it?

Wakeverso: I thought about how to implement the Mintable logo into the art and I decided to incorporate a three-dimensional quality to the “M” of Mintable by creating an open space inside it and filling it with a living scenario. Inside the drawing, you can see an ocean, and something emerging from the water, kind of like other NFTs.

3dpromax: When I saw that the challenge was to make a creation based on the Mintable logo, I thought about using the 3D design tools that I normally use for projects. I imagined it as if the Mintable logo were in the middle of a jungle, and someone who was an explorer discovered it and excavated it from the ground. The perspective was later developed as if an explorer were using a drone to view his discovery from the air and what he sees is the Mintable logo in all its splendor, amongst all the vegetation.

ArtisticAxel: What I created is a representation of an amazing artist like me who loves art and is excited to be on something as cool as the #MintableChallenge. You can see the excitement on his face and also the reflection of his creation in his eyes and glasses!

Can you describe your personal style?

Wakeverso: I’ve lived my childhood very close to the urban centers where I got to witness misery and luxury side by side, the city chaos, and buildings decomposing over time, turning into a post-apocalyptic kind of view. These scenarios have been a big influence on my drawings, as they have informed the way I observe the world around me. Since I was a kid, art has had a significant role in my life. I used to draw a lot and dreamed of becoming an artist. I’ve just never stopped drawing, and now have the opportunity to turn those dreams into a reality. I find my art style quite different, unique, and crazy above all. I mix traditional techniques like hatching, pointillism, and nankin with digital techniques to add color and treat the image. I like to make references to surrealism and introspection, instigating people to look into their unconscious and question “what is this?”. Classic graphic novels and contemporary animes like Moebius (1938 – 2012) and the artworks of Berserk(1989), Akira(1988), and Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) are big inspirations too.

3dpromax: From a very young age I knew I liked to draw, but it was only until college that I started using different graphic design programs on the computer. Since then, I have never stopped using them. I used CorelDraw, Autocad, Photoshop, 3dstudio from version 1 of MS-DOS up to the current version 3D Studio Max 2022, Lumion, TwinMotion, AfterEffects, FinalCutPro, and more. I have more than 30 years doing computer art. My style has evolved from technical graphic design to something more freestyle. In most of my work, I employ Photorealism as a style although I do like experimenting with different styles.

ArtisticAxel: I was very little when I started making art. Even though I never went to art school, I learned drawing from the people close to me. My mother, grandfather, and uncles are very artistic people, so I get it from them. My grandfather and uncles were especially talented at drawing and painting. I also learned a lot from my friends who were very talented, we used to draw together and by copying each other, I learned and got better at it over time. I draw whatever, from portrait to abstract art but my favorite is still cartoons and freestyle art.

So now that you’ve won the #MintableChallence what’s next for you?

Wakeverso: NFTs are the future and as an NFT artist, I’m looking forward to improving my artwork, keep creating and innovating as much as I can, making new collections, and posting my progress. I’m currently working on a project which I call WAKETOBER. For the whole month, I will be making 31 new NFTs – one for each day – from drawings that I made in Inktober 2020, and producing the actual Inktober 2021.

3dpromax: I want to keep working on everything that has to do with 3D, Augmented Reality, and App Development. I am currently very focused on being successful in the field of NFTs, a field I find very fascinating. Through NFTs, I hope to achieve financial freedom that will allow me to continue developing my creativity without worrying so much about money.

ArtisticAxel: I want to never stop doing art and become a known artist in the NFT and art world. I’m very excited about this journey, and I can’t wait to make it happen!

Find the winners:
Twitter @3DPromax @ArtisticAxel @wakeverso
Instagram: @3dpromax @ArtisticAxel @wakeverso
Youtube: 3dpromax
Facebook: @3dpromax
Reddit: reddit.com/r/wakeverso/
Website: http://www.3dpromax.com, https://opensea.io/accounts/ArtisticAxel, https://rarible.com/artisticaxel, http://www.mintable.app/u/salvewake

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