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Creator Spotlight – Brood

Brood is an artist, a programmer, and currently, a computer engineering student who got into making the arts when they discovered Adobe illustrator and started making drawings on it. Several pieces of digital art later, they decided to give it a proper name. And so, Brood was born. Since then, Brood has created a website to his name and has accumulated several NFTs in their repertoire.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself, your background, and how you got into NFTs?


Brood is a character that I created unconsciously. I gave him the backstory of being a normal dude on earth thinking he would end up nowhere but somehow ended up with a team at that airforce department that gave him the title of Major Brood. However, after seeing his true potential, they made the decision to recruit him to an intergalactic air force where he ends up becoming a citizen of a planet named crevices. This character to my art is like puzzles, each piece a part of a story – a portrait he takes with him on his missions away from earth. 

Tell us more about your collection [Inspiration, journey, story, etc]


This piece is to do with the origin of Brood, associated with the crevices universe, but tied to other pieces. If you ask me about inspiration, the Brood story came naturally to me while I was listening to the Beatles. I was seduced by their changing ideology of art theory, it is avant-garde that keeps the Brood story going. Essentially this piece was me attempting that avant-garde – this egg dome represents a pod place where you can select a pod to relax in and listen to different music. In this case, it is a pod for Brood to reconnect with earth through songs from the 60s and 70s like the Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Tell us briefly about your journey as an artist so far.


I’m essentially a programmer who is used to coding and working on a live product. But I actually started with art through writing – thanks to the art theory of the Beatles, I fell in love with the transformative nature of music. For 10 years the Beatles changed the face of the music industry and became famous in the era of Elvis Presley’s rock n roll by bringing a psychedelic future to people – from Elvis in Elvis field to doing concerts on rooftops. There’s a man named Gil Shohat who once said “unlike my colleagues, I think pop art does create masterpieces”. That’s my goal, in the end, to make pop art the new major art movement, not just reappearing neon colors on a canvas. I want to change what people usually understand as pop art and that’s my only conviction as an artist.

Is there any particular reason that you chose Mintable for your NFTs?

I chose Mintable because of the avenues it opened up for artists with its gasless minting function. More than half a dozen in this field today would not be artists if Mintable didn’t exist, it’s like the Motown for the less privileged. Just as Motown began recruiting artists who were undervalued and gave them a place to blossom, I see Mintable as having that same motivation as a marketplace.

Find Brood on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/brood_nft/?hl=en
Twitter : https://twitter.com/broodnft?lang=en

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