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Creator Spotlight – Tyto Neves

Tyto Neves is a photographer and visual artist based in Brazil who creates abstract images that are beautifully haunting. He is a photographer with an interesting philosophy around gaze that ties to his approach to creating his art. His collection, titled ‘Organic’ is a series of static NFTs composed between the organic fungibility of nature and the in-fungibility of the cryptographic world.

Read on to find out more as we delve into his history and journey into photography, his process for making, and his collection.

Could you tell me a bit about yourself, your background, and how you got into NFTs?

I am a Brazilian photographer and visual artist, when I got to know the world of cryptocurrency, I quickly became a blockchain and decentralized economy enthusiast. When I first saw what NFTs were capable of doing, I understood that the time had come to make my series of photographs public.

The next step will be to have my black and white photography magazine PBMAG minted as an NFT collectible.

Tell us more about your collection [Inspiration, journey, story, etc]

Organic N-3 – Tyto Neves

This series called ‘Organic’ are roses photographed with the technique of macro photography. It is later edited in order to highlight the delicacy and saturation of the roses amongst the darkness of its environment. The spectator is free to interpret the work using their individual perceptions, based on their own history. I want the moments captured to be reflected back at my audience like a mirror.

Organic N-7 – Tyto Neves

I started to develop this series more than 12 years ago. However, I believed in its unprecedented contextualization and did present it publicly. When I got to know the cryptocurrency and blockchain market and learned about the technology of NFTS, I felt that the time had finally come to present work as unique works

Tell us briefly about your journey as an artist so far.

I graduated in Marketing and have a post-grad in Public Administration. I am now a professor and entrepreneur acting as Publisher of PBMAG and Fotografe São Paulo Magazines.

Vénus N-1 – Tyto Neves

I started photographing roses over 20 years ago before becoming a professional, but something told me that I would expose this work to the world only in time to come.

As a photographer and independent visual artist, I have always sought the perception of the gaze as similar to that of the delicate nature of roses. Today I have 3 books published: the book Family Portraits being a best-seller and the Lessons for Sharing series. 

As a Mentor, I guide new photographers, authors, and entrepreneurs in managing their careers. As a speaker, I have conducted workshops and training throughout Brazil and in 2013 in Japan.

Is there any particular reason that you chose Mintable for your NFTs?

I found it amazing how easy it was to navigate Mintable. I loved that it even allowed for the generation of a source code to insert into my professional website.

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