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NFT Creators 101: A step-by-step guide to listing an NFT

Hello creator! Now that we’ve taken you through minting your first NFT, and giving you some tips on how to price your NFTs, let’s talk about listing!

What is a listing?

Simply put, listings are all the NFTs for sale on the marketplace.

On Mintable, each listing connects the buyer with a user, their item(s), and their store(s). Mintable listings have an array of details that give the buyer information about the item that they are looking at – things like price, quantity, whether an item is for sale, for auction, or has been sold. These are all examples of what a listing is practically for.

A listing involves getting your NFT seen on the marketplace, and how it’s seen on the marketplace. Imagine it like having a brick-and-mortar shop, listing your item is how you’d like your window display to look like – how you display your item, what the details of your items are, how many are on the shelf, any added promotions or things that will accompany your item, and so on. But it is also the buyer’s first impression of you as a creator and a seller.

How you make your listing, the details you put under it signals to a buyer whether or not your item is worth buying. Now let’s get into the steps:

How To List An NFT On Mintable

Go to your profile on Mintable, and click on ‘My NFTs’ in the left navigation bar to see all the NFTs in your wallet. Click ‘Sell’ on the NFT you want to list for sale. This will bring you to the listing page.

On the listing page, you can choose to either sell your NFT at a fixed price, or at an auction price. If you choose to sell at auction, you’ll need to set a starting price for the auction, and a price that buyers can instantly buy the NFT for. You’ll also have to set the duration of the auction, so that it ends after a certain amount of time.

The panel on the left shows how the NFT will be displayed when it is listed. By default, the description will be whatever was set by the NFT creator. In this case, it shows the default description from the CTJR collection. If you want to change this, you can click on ‘Show more options’ to edit the NFT details:

In addition to changing the description, you can also add tags to your listing. This will make it easier for people to search for your NFT. In the example above, I’ve added the tags “CTJR” and “Monkey”.

Once you’re happy with the price, tags, and description, click on “List NFT”. You’ll need to sign an approval request in the Metamask pop-up with a small one-time listing fee, sign the signature request, and confirm the transaction. (For privacy, the gif below doesn’t show the Metamask pop-up)

Congratulations! Your NFT is now listed for sale!

Next up, we have Getting your NFTs sold!

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