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Grammy-winning producer Illmind auctions off first-ever NFT of its kind

Own a piece of history by acquiring the first ever NFT backed melody/sample loop pack by Grammy Award Winning music producer Illmind.


Illmind drops — Alorium

Having established a remarkable career as a music producer and digital sound pack innovator over the last 16 years, producing for Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Logic, Future, Travis Scott, Khalid, and even Disney’s “Moana” soundtrack & Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda, Illmind is now standing out from the crowd again by creating NFTs on Mintable.app.

Illmind released what he calls the “first-ever NFT-backed sample loop/melody pack”, putting a collection of 10 melodies up for auction on the Mintable NFT marketplace, “the value of this set of unreleased/original melody compositions is priceless “— according to him.

Based on Ethereum, the NFT is titled “Alorium” and contains an exclusive file containing individual audio tracks of the compositions. It also comes with a royalty-free guarantee and a contract that gives the NFT owner rights to use the audio files for their own purpose.

This changes everything

Illmind is changing the game within the music space by doing this. In the past week there have been others who have dropped unique content on Mintable — like Starkillers, Jimmy T — but what Illmind has done — could potentially change the music industry forever.

Royalty-free music, compositions, and true ownership all come into play with this drop. When the auction is over on Saturday, the 27th EST, the owner will be able to use that material, soundtracks, and music for their own creations. Illmind has effectively created an on-demand producer that anyone can bid on and purchase, but that has the blockchain powering its authentication and provenance.

This marks a pivotal step in music history and the next few months will be exciting for the entire space.

Get the NFT: https://mintable.app/music/item/ALORIUM-melody-pack-by-Illmind-A-collection-of-10-melody-compositions/dr84jcf7jJP96rG

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