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Harnessing the power of NFTS: an initiative for college athletes

What if you could take all the best moments in your sports career, turn them into digital art that you can then sell to collectors and fans? With NFTs, you can. And the perks are considerable.

The impact of NFTs on sports

With NFTs poised to take over the digital art sphere as permanent fixtures, and collectibles being one of its main forms in circulation, the sports world has not been too far behind in the NFT craze, with some millions already being made from commemorative sports NFTs.

Professional athletes like NBA’s LeBron James sold an NFT for around $400k in honor of Kobe Bryant’s reverse windmill dunk, while other athletes have entered the NFT collectible circuit for moments of glory in their sports careers. NBA Top Shots have reportedly sold over $200 million worth of NBA highlights NFTs in just 3 months, and have now become a highly traded digital collectible. From Steph Curry to Tom Brady, the eagerness of athletes in entering the non-fungible token market proves that there is indeed value to be accumulated, and the impact of sports in the NFT sphere is strong and growing.

Athletes who have sold NFTs on Mintable

One of the biggest Mintable NFT drops to date has been one with athlete Trevor Lawrence, for whom his brother and sister-in-law created the digital art. These exclusive collectibles were priced at $200 each, with an auction NFT that went for $230k – a sizeable revenue stream for the quarterback and much publicity for himself and the sport. 

The NFT of ice hockey player Matthew Tkachuk was also auctioned off on Mintable for an astounding $27,954. The NFT, which featured two notable moments of Tkachuk on the ice (one scoring his overtime between the legs goal and the other an up-close of him chewing on his mouthguard) was completed by Canadian artist Greg Dubois, who titled the piece “Matthew Tkachuk Genesis”. The buyer of Tkachuk’s NFT was also gifted an autographed stick and jersey, along with a post-game or virtual meet-and-greet with the player.

What is in it for athletes?

For athletes, NFTs are a great way to commemorate and immortalize important moments in your athletic career. It is an excellent tool for building your brand and getting visibility and recognition for your achievements by associating them with your name, image, and likeness. 

We have 3 reasons why:

1. NFTs are easy to create – Once you have your artwork created, it takes mere seconds to mint an NFT. It is as simple as posting on social media.

2. Connecting with your fans – NFTs create an avenue or channel for your fans to engage with you in a way that feels tangible.

3. Your victory, immortalized – NFTs live on forever on the blockchain, and achievements in your career will become important timestamps in the future.

Find out more and sign up to be a featured athlete on the Mintable marketplace!

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