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#MintableChallenge – We’re Now On TikTok!

Mintable is now on TikTok

We’re excited to finally join the platform and engage with our wonderful community of creators who have been making awesome content about NFTs and the Mintable platform. In celebration, we’re hosting a contest from 5 – 25 September for all NFT creators on TikTok – the #MintableChallenge

How does it work?

To join the #MintableChallenge, create a visual artwork that incorporates the Mintable logo. This artwork can be in any medium and any style you want, as long as the Mintable logo is clearly visible. So let those creative juices flow and show us what you can do! Oh, and there’s an USDT 700 prize pool up for grabs, along with free promotional services and NFT features for the top 3 entries 😉

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

1. Create a visual artwork that incorporates the Mintable logo
2. Upload it to TikTok + Twitter with the hashtag #MintableChallenge
3. Tag us @mintable_app and follow us on TikTok + Twitter

The 3 posts with the most likes on TikTok win!


1st Prize – USDT 400
2nd Prize – USDT 200
3rd Prize – USDT 100

All 3 winners get:

  • A Mintable-designed banner on our marketplace homepage
  • A feature article on Mintable’s editorial blog
  • Shoutouts on our Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Discord
  • Email blast to Mintable’s community of thousands of users

Entries are open till 25 September, and the winners announced by 30 September. If you’re an NFT creator, this is a great way to show the community what you can do, and get more eyeballs on your NFTs. Also, free crypto!!

So get creative and start minting today! We can’t wait to see what you crazy creators come up with 😉 

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