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Your NFT project is unclaimed! – How to claim your store, add royalties, and more on Mintable

Attention all NFT project creators: your NFT collections are now on Mintable! 

For our latest platform upgrade, we’ve cataloged every ERC721 token on Ethereum. This means that all your NFTs are here – so you should be too! Leverage the user base of what is now the largest NFT marketplace in the world, and offer your buyers the best tools for appraising and trading collectibles available in the entire NFT market.

Among the powerful new features we’ve created for NFT collectors are a rarity meter for collectibles, upgraded search filters and NFT sales histories. Our aim was to create a marketplace with all the tools and information collectors need, to make the process of trading NFTs as easy as possible. 

Simply claiming your store on our platform will give your collection wider exposure, and providing your buyers access to a platform with the best tools for trading will maximize your secondary sales volumes. Users on our site can also purchase NFTs with a credit card, so you’ll be able to access the fiat market too. Claiming your store is completely free – you have nothing to lose and much to gain, so why not join?

Here’s what our platform has to offer:

✅ Largest Marketplace – All ERC721 NFTs are on Mintable
✅ NFT project creators can claim their store on Mintable – for free!
✅ Seamless integration to your project website
✅ Social features to drive community engagement
✅ Rarity meter for NFT collectibles
✅ Rarity and Attributes search filters
✅ Store sales analytics 

How to Claim Your Store

To claim your store, all you need to do is:: 

1. Create an account on Mintable
2. Connect your wallet that owns the store contract
3. Go to your store page, and click on the “Own this store?” button to claim

Sign the message with your wallet and your store is claimed!

If the wallet you connected is not the owner of the store, you will see the following message:

Once your store has been claimed, you can set store royalties and begin customizing your store page.

How To Set Store Royalties

On your store page, click on “Edit Store” in the top right corner.

Scroll down, and you’ll see a slider for setting the royalties amount.

You should also consider linking your website to your profile on Mintable using the following buttons. This will make it easier for your buyers to find your collection:

Once you’ve claimed your store, don’t forget to @ us on Twitter! We’ll retweet your post for more visibility, and add you to our site’s event calendar.

If you experience any issues claiming your store,  or if you have any questions on our update, contact us at  support@mintable.com or through our Discord channel. 

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