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Supercharge your NFT experience: Introducing Mintable’s revolutionary update

Hello there! It has been a while since our last update hasn’t it?

This time it’s going to be big – HUGE. It’s the biggest platform update for Mintable yet and we’re introducing features that are set to level up the way users have been buying, selling, collecting, and trading NFTs. We’re revolutionizing the way users shop for NFTs with accessibility being our biggest driver. We’ve been paying attention to you – our users, and we can’t wait for you to give it a go.

Here comes your everyday marketplace, with every feature and add-on dedicated to improving the buying and selling experience. Whether you’re a creator or a collector, this update is set to propel the industry forward, with tools everyone can leverage to harness the full potential of their valuable digital assets.

This article, along with others that will be up on our editorial blog, will cover everything in this exciting update! From feature overviews and highlights, to walkthroughs and deep dives, we’re here to give you all the information for you to make the most out of our marketplace.

Quick look:
1. Everything on the marketplace
2. Rarity meter

3. Sales analytics
4. Messaging feature
5. Social timeline

6. Transaction history
7. Search by wallet address
8. Subcategories
9. Royalties percentage
10. Live updates

Let’s dive right in with an overview, shall we?

1. Everything on the blockchain

Yes, you heard us. EVERYTHING. As long as they are ERC-721 tokens, they’re on Mintable. We want to save users the hassle of hopping from marketplace to marketplace looking for their favorite NFT projects. Over 10 million NFTs are now available on our platform, with any item minted on the blockchain immediately added – find everything you’re looking for in one convenient location. Looking for a Cryptopunk to add to your collection? We’ve got you covered. From Artblocks to Cool Cats, Cryptoadz, and Mekaverse, this is the biggest change we’ve ever implemented on our platform. Combine them with all of our other powerful new features to level up your buying, and optimize your selling and trading game.

2. Rarity meter and attributes filter

Everything you need to know is on our platform, so you don’t ever have to hop between marketplaces again. Want to find out how valuable an item is? Instead of using multiple third-party rarity tools, check out the rarity of any item on the blockchain with our easy-to-understand rarity rankings and attributes breakdown on the Mintable marketplace. Rarity is one of the most important factors in determining the value of an NFT within any collection, so use this feature to compare the relative value of one NFT against another and make the best decision for your trades, all from one single place.

3. Sales analytics

What’s the best way to capitalize on any market? Having a great understanding of it, of course. Sales analytics is an easy-to-digest way to look at the comprehensive sales data of any item with a single click. Data is king! Track, monitor, and gauge the liquidity and estimated market value of any item on the blockchain. You no longer need to stay wired on discord channels or Twitter, nor do you have to spend days analyzing blockchain data to keep up with the stats. With this feature, you can have an overview of how an NFT is moving simply by looking at its item page and comparing it with other NFTs (or your own). Anyone can become a pro at assessing, making estimations, and evaluating the value of different NFTs!

4. Direct messaging

Buying and selling NFTs have never been easier with our direct messaging (DM) feature! With the ability to DM on a marketplace, the hassle of third-party messaging apps is no longer. Buyers and sellers will now have a channel to directly communicate with each other on the marketplace. Engage your buyers, discuss prices, chat about NFTs, and more – all from one single location.

5. Social timeline

The Metaverse is a concept that has created social value within the NFT community. Interaction between collectors and creators alike play a huge role in building a strong community and creating demand for NFTs. The social timeline feature built into the Mintable platform is a way for users to connect to one another, in one convenient place. Users can utilize this as a forum for discussions with other users, or as a way to engage their community and update fans about items they’ve bought, sold, or minted. Mintable’s comment feature under each NFT allows the community to share their thoughts (and love) for each item!

6. Transaction history

Historical data is fundamental when it comes to trading. Knowing the transaction history of any NFT can make buying and selling so much easier. Mintable’s transaction history is a useful tool that will help you access the purchase history of an NFT – number of resales, and previous resale prices – without needing to search for it on a blockchain explorer. All the information you will need is presented in a way that is intuitive and simple. Leverage this tool to inform your buying and selling decisions. Determine the popularity of a particular NFT, or find out what an NFT sold for and set your price accordingly.

7. Search by wallet address

The simplicity of user experience is essential for maximizing accessibility for everyone in the marketplace. Imagine a google for NFTs where the search bar is optimized to help you find anything you want in the marketplace – that is what this feature is. Easily find a buyer or seller by searching their wallet address. On top of already being able to search by profile name and item title, simply use the search by wallet address function on the platform to find what you’re searching for. With the ‘everything on the blockchain’ update, users will be able to easily find any NFT on the blockchain. Combining that with our other features, you’ll be able to look at their transaction histories, who they’re interacting with on their social timeline, and so much more.

8. Subcategories

We’re introducing subcategories! You can now find more unique, cool, and interesting NFTs with Mintable. What if you’re looking for an NFT that’s a moving image, that’s an animation, that’s also a documentary. Easy. Just browse from our expansive list of categories under each of our main categories or check the subcategories off in our search filter and you can find all NFTs that suit your preference. For creators, this is an excellent tool for drawing audiences to whatever niche your creations fall under – the more subcategories you categorize your item under, the easier your NFTs will be to find! Everyone on the platform can use this feature to their advantage when it comes to both minting and trading.

9. Royalties percentage

Looking for what the royalties are for an NFT? This is easy on our platform. NFT royalties are displayed under every NFT on our marketplace. 

Still one of the most powerful tools since the development of NFTs, our royalties percentage feature update also gives users the freedom to choose how much royalties they want to get back with every future sale easily on our platform. Let’s continue to put power back into the hands of our users, and give creators the ability to get the most out of their creations, even after they’ve been sold.

10. Live updates

What’s a marketplace without some fun? This feature brings a little bit of excitement, entertainment, and anticipation to the table. While you’re browsing, you’re able to get instant updates about what’s being sold on the marketplace, for how much, and who’s buying it – all in real-time. See what’s hot or popular at the moment, and discover new and exciting projects on the rise.

What’s next for Mintable?

It has taken blood, sweat, and tears, a whole lot of research, and a dedicated team to bring you our biggest blockchain update to date. We have worked long and hard to make your browsing and buying experience the best that it can be. In the coming articles on our editorial blog, we will be showing you how you as a creator or collector can really benefit from these new features. We’ll be doing deep dives and guides with more information on how you can use these new features to the best of your abilities.

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Read more about all the exciting features in our platform update here.

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