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Illuminati NFT – The Secret Society

The Illuminati Non-Fungible Tokens are a collection of 8,128 generative NFTs that act as a countersign for a secret society on the blockchain.

What does this secret society do? That’s something only members of the Illuminati would know… But the Illuminati official website does provide a cryptic introduction:

This iconography, revealed to the minds of our priesthood in visions through the whispers of spirits and daemons, is available only to those who crave KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM, and who seek to lift high those of great MERIT and those of great ACHIEVEMENT.

If you wish to see the TRUTH, if you wish to take your place in the CIRCLE, you must be brave enough to look.”

Are you brave enough to look? If so, read on.

Illuminati NFT Artwork

The Illuminati NFT artwork is based on the ‘Eye of Providence’, an eye set within a pyramid, traditionally linked to the project’s namesake. While it is a generative project, the artist has ensured that each NFT is a unique work of art, rather than a random combination of pre-determined traits.

The assets for this collection weren’t simply alterations of each other but a considered balance of colors, shapes, shadows and transparencies- to create something that felt curated by me and not simply generated by a machine.

Nestled within the collection are little “winks and nods” to popular culture and the NFT projects that have inspired the project’s founders. 

Do you recognize these? There’s more to be found in the collection – see if you can identify them all.

The Illuminati NFT Team – The Ancients

The Illuminati project was founded by Alexander Taub, Cesar Kuriyama, and Process Grey.

Alex Taub is the co-founder and CEO of Upstream, a new social professional network. He has been featured in Business Insider as one of the “Top 20 Under 25” in the NY tech scene. 

Cesar Kuriyama is an American director, entrepreneur and speaker. He is most known for founding the company 1 Second Everyday Inc.

Process Grey is the artist behind the Illuminati NFTs, mysterious and unrevealed. The only way to know him is through the art itself.


The Illuminati NFT collection was rolled out in 3 phases and a public mint, with each phase whitelisting holders of other prominent NFT projects, to ensure that illuminati members were drawn from the core of the NFT community. Phase one included blue chip projects like CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Veefriends, Cool Cats, Cyber Kongz, and Pixel Vault.

The Illuminati NFT Secret Society

There are 3 levels of membership, for ownership of 1, 3, or 5 Illuminati NFTs. 50% of the mint and secondary royalties go into the Illuminati Collective , a governance DAO for the community.

Illuminati members will be able to vote on the society’s activities. The founders have some proposals to introduce, but are trying to balance their revealing plans with being a secret society. 

They have, however, confirmed some physical merch and metaverse wearables that will be distributed to all Illuminati holders.

1 Illuminati NFT – Smoker’s Jacket
3 Illuminati NFTs – Smoker’s Jacket + Owl Cloak
5 Illumanati NFTs – Smoker’s Jacket + Owl Cloak + Owl Mask + Cloak Back. 

A snapshot of holders will be taken on 1/24 6:23pm EST, so there’s still time to get some!

Illuminati NFT Illuminaries

The project recently minted their initial batch of Illuminati Honoraries – dubbed Illuminati NFT Illuminaries. This collection is used to honor other collections – they can make an honorary for the community and give it to the founders (or someone from the community). It also keeps the gates open for raffles and giveaways to the community.

Here’s one that went to Cozomo Medici

The Illuminati NFT project is still in its early days, but what we’ve seen so far is undeniably impressive – we can wait to see what more they unveil in the months to come.

Want to know more? Join the Illuminati to find out.

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