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Project Spotlight: Meta House Mafia

Meta House Mafia is an exclusive social club and a member organization of 10,000 unique “Wise Guy” NFTs (mafia gangsters and mobsters) who live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The project was inspired by the spirit of Web 3, and stands in defiance against a Web 2 monopoly’s attempt to spread its sphere of influence into the Metaverse (no prizes for guessing who).

The NFT art has old-school charm with a modern edge, and is full of personality. They’re rebels not just with a cause, but also with style. So what does it take to join the Meta House Mafia Family? Read on to find out.

The Meta House Mafia Family

The Meta House Mafia is a mob of degenerate Risk-takers, Investors, Gamblers, Builders, Doers, Shakers, Movers, and Hustlers ready to come together with 1 goal in mind — carve out their piece of the Metaverse by any means necessary . 

The Meta House Mafia is a Metaverse brand where your NFT is your exclusive membership into a powerful community of Mafiosi, where you’re a shareholder and decision-maker who earns a share of the family wealth. 

They are a supportive mob of hustlers, money makers, and shot callers who aren’t waiting on anyone’s permission to build.

MHM is a mob of 10,000 “Made” Men and Women who must join one of the 5 Families of the Meta House, the Central Seat of Power within the MHM Universe. Each family member must take a blood oath and promise to help the entire Family build a powerful community mafia Brand that rules the Metaverse.

By joining the MHM family, you will learn, build the Metaverse and build the future of Web3.
If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. The Meta House Mafia will be inducting new members soon, so read on to find out how to join.

Meta House Mafia NFTs

The Mafia loves money, so the Meta House Mafia have put their Wise Guys on their money. A little on-the-nose, but with extremely stylish results. Also nestled within the collection are little winks and nods to various cryptocurrencies and honored mafiosis from popular culture.

As with any collection, the Meta House Mafia NFTs have various tiers of rarity that reflect a position in the hierarchy of the organization. 


5 Dons – Heads of the Meta House Mafia Family & Most Rare.

Each Don has a unique gold background, the large Purple Lapel and one-of-a-kind Don ring portraying their rank.

Don NFT holders earn 0.2000% total royalties.

‍Don’s cannot be minted, only earned through collecting the appropriate subsequent NFTs.


15 Consiglieres – Strategic Counsel & Wisdom.

Each Consigliere is characterized by their unique background, Spider Lapel and shoulder animals signifying their strength.

Consigliere NFT holders earn 0.133% total royalties.


50 Underbosses – Second in Command.

Every Underboss has their unique background and Scorpion Lapel, whereas the rarer ones also possess shoulder animals.

Underboss NFT holders earn 0.080% total royalties.


1,000 Caporegimes – Captains Heading up a Crew of Soldiers.

Caporegimes are characterized by their unique, high-ranking background and a combination of rarer elements.

Caporegime NFT holders earn 0.018% total royalties.


2,500 Soldiers – Button Men and Metaverse Muscle.

Second up the MHM chain, Soldiers’ unique combination of elements make them a valuable asset to the family.

Soldier NFT holders earn 0.012% total royalties.


6,340 Associates – Goodfellas and Friends of the Family.

The most common, but unique NFTs.

Associate NFT holders earn 0.007% total royalties.

NFT Utility

MHM is a Community DAO and Studio that’s building a powerful brand inside the Metaverse, starting with a legal Digital Sin City Casino.

The MHM NFTs serve as membership passes for the community to become part owners in the Metaverse Brand. Each NFT holder receives a share of the revenue generated through the MHM ventures and also has voting powers for the DAO.

The Road Ahead

The Meta House Mafia has big plans for the months ahead.

Phase one on their roadmap involves obtaining a legal gambling license, acquiring land in the Metaverse & building the Casino. They’ll also be launching the community DAO governance structure where the community will vote on how treasury funds are spent. How casino royalties will be split has been outlined in the diagram below.

Phase 2 is all about the swag. The team has plans to design and release luxury items, premium clothing and other exclusive items for MHM holders, with the aim to bring a line of merchandise where the community will have first access to and help ideate, create and build.

Phase 3 for the family. The MHM will create an exclusive social club in the Meatspace (real world) where members can visit and hang out, and host concerts, parties, community-only events and more.

Phase 4 explores possibilities. The MHM community will stay on the bleeding edge of what is possible with NFTs, augmented reality, virtual reality, cloning/burns, and potential derivative projects exclusive to MHM NFT holders.

How To Get Meta House Mafia NFTs

The Meta House Mafia NFTs will be available for public minting on 3 Feb 2022, 7pm EST, on their official website. Presale mint cost for whitelisted members will be 0.06 ETH and for the public sale it will be 0.08 ETH. For more information, join their discord server.

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