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Introducing “BEATTraiders” the first ever NFT instrumental trading cards

Every beat has a story. Now it’s on the blockchain.

Each card represents an un-released never before heard instrumental beat produced by Grammy Award Winning music producer Illmind. Illmind has established a remarkable career as a music producer and digital sound pack innovator over the last 16 years, producing for Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Logic, Future, Travis Scott, Khalid, and even Disney’s “Moana” soundtrack & Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda, the value of this NFT is priceless.

Every beat has a story. Every instrumental was born through real human emotion and creativity. Nowadays, beats become special moments in time, only to be lost and forgotten on a hard drive.

Source – issuewire

Until now. Each “BEATTraider” Collectible Card tells a unique story of how a beat was born and what inspired its creation. Each card is printed with a unique shape of colors + patterns that are a “visual representation” of the instrumental beat it comes with (you can look at it like a musical bar-code). So the beats and cards aren’t actually named, just dated + stamped with their own unique code. Each unique story is included on the back of the card.

No one has ever heard these or had access to them. Owner will be in sole possession of the NFT! Each card is minted ONE OF ONE. Own a piece of history. This will also be the FIRST EVER NFT backed “illmind beat“ ever to be sold in the music production sound pack marketplace.

You can find and bid on these awesome collectibles at http://www.bidpacks.live/ or directly on https://mintable.app

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