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Metaverse Real Estate: Metaplaces

The Metaplaces NFT project offers a unique collection of luxury virtual properties designed by an award winning architecture firm, that provide NFT holders with plenty of utility. Showcase your NFTs, or design your own virtual event spaces that your friends can visit in the metaverse.

Every property is unique, with 9 different traits that combined could amount to more than 6,000,000 different potential combinations. When you visit or customize your Metaplaces properties, the 2D and 3D renders are based on the traits layers of your NFT.  

Mint date: 16 April
Total supply: 202
Mint price: 0.18 ETH

Metaplaces NFTs

Metaplaces NFTs are luxurious but practical properties that are meant for showcasing your favourite NFTs and hosting the most memorable parties of the Metaverse. 

While most Metaplace properties look realistic, Legendary NFTs will show more creative and fantastic features.

NFT Traits

Property Type : Genesis, Legendary and Generic

Sky properties : Clear, Cloudy sundown, Aurora, …

Environment : Distant mountains, Urban, Tropical view, …

Yard : Summer Lawn, Wooden deck, Concrete, …

Swimming pool : No pool, Turquoise Infinity pool, Azure Long pool, …

Façade : Carrara marble, Onyx black, Gold, …

Exterior Columns : Silver White, Onyx black, Chrome, …

Interior walls : Pine Wood, Aged wood, Nero Portoro, …

Car model and color : Black SUV, Violet Convertible, Dark coupé, …

What is the Utility of Metaplaces?

Users will be able to showcase their NFT pictures inside their Metaplace, where they can also invite users to visit and customise their furniture and interior. The Meta-places.io website offers a live demo of the portrait customization functionality, which instantly rerenders the NFT shown on Opensea. In a similar manner, users will be able to switch from interior and exterior views, while still showing the NFT collection that was uploaded.

In a few weeks, holders will be able to share a unique link where users can click to join their Metaplaces – which they can choose to restrict from the public to host private parties. In later phases, holders will be able to stream videos and music to the TV and sound system of their Metaplaces and host real parties with their friends.

By the end of the year, Metaplaces will create its own Metaverse world where Metaplaces properties will coexist. Holders will be dropped lands NFTs for free.

How customizable are Metaplaces NFT properties really?

Although the aforementioned NFT characteristics are set in stone, users will be able to customise plenty of features within their properties :

  • NFT portraits can be customised both from the 3D visit and from the web app
  • The texture of the bar
  • The texture and colours of the living room saloon
  • The texture and colours of the pool loungers
  • The texture and colours of the dining room furniture
  • The texture and colours of the sofas

How will people use their Metaplaces?

There is no limit to internet users’ imagination and creativity! Every user will be able to do as they wish with their properties. Some will prefer to keep them open to the public. Others will prefer restricting access to their friend’s Metamask addresses.

As for us, here are a few ways we’d like to use our Metaplace:

  • Publicly showcase and promote our NFT collections, with links to the Opensea page. Meaning that the property visitors will be able to click on the portrait to see the Opensea page of the NFT.
  • Organise private parties with our friends, where we will have our own avatars, stream our music on Spotify and chill together.
  • Organise watch sessions for shows and videos that will be broadcasted on the living room or the Cinema room.
  • Play bowling and games with our friends in the Bowling and game rooms.
  • Attend VR Yoga sessions on the 2nd floor with a breathtaking sea view.
  • Organise special events that will be hosted in the disco room.
  • Organise art exhibitions in the art room.

Upcoming Developments and Releases

  • Metaplaces has developed and published the NFT customization feature demo that anyone can try on their website.
  • A few weeks following the mint, the virtual visits module will be released for all Metaplace NFT holders – who will each have their own link for people to visit the house, admire their NFT portraits and interact with them. The module will be delivered in three phases: 

1) High definition 3D visit from the browser on a PC, or modern tablet and  mobile devices with the private whitelisting feature.

2) Customization of interior and furniture

3) Avatar selection and communication tools

4) Exciting secret new feature that will be unveiled!

  • Integrations and partnerships with other established projects that will be unveiled soon
  • Later this year, they will create a Metaverse world project where all Metaplaces will co-exist. Every owner of a Metaplaces NFT will be dropped free lands NFTs. 

“Our team has done an incredible job with the art quality and the technology behind our web and video rendering platforms, and we believe users are starting to notice our commitment and the quality behind our work. 

We are fully committed in supporting Metaplaces and developing our community for this project is just the start of an ambitious and long-term Metaverse vision for Metaplaces. We can’t wait to announce exciting new features and projects that will be released in the upcoming weeks!”

To keep up to date with the Metaplaces project, follow them here:

1. Twitter : https://twitter.com/metaplaces_io

2. Discord: https://discord.gg/35j75zJ3ru

3. Artist / Team pages: https://www.meta-places.io/#team

4. Website: https://www.meta-places.io/

And stay tuned to Mintable.app for exclusive giveaways with Metaplaces in the following weeks!

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