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Project Spotlight: Retrogression

Key Takeaways:

  • Own a share of the world’s first revolutionary Film3 NFT: Founded by Anthony Hayes (Producer and Director of GOLD starring Zac Efron), Retrogression combines a highly anticipated blockbuster Sci-Fi trilogy with an NFT collection and P2E game. 
  • Play your character: Enter Retrogression’s first film and P2E experience like never before. As a holder, your NFT will feature a unique character integrated into the film, Retrogression P2E Unreal Engine game, and partner metaverse platforms. Plus, buy an NFT for a chance to score an executive producer credit on the first Retrogression film
  • Other perks include: Winning cameo roles, all expenses paid unique on-set experiences, Beta Game testing, Props and costumes from the movie, Signed posters, Premiere tickets, and exclusive access to Film Crib behind-the-scenes content, a streaming virtual cinema chain across the Metaverse

What is Retrogression?

The Retrogression Sci-Fi film franchise is pioneering the new era of Film3. In Web3, as the audience, you get to participate in a long-simmering narrative experience via gaming, NFTS, the metaverse, and behind-the-scenes content, revolutionizing the way films are financed and distributed, while offering a deeper connection for audiences to IP. 

Retrogression is part of the Film Crib entertainment ecosystem, which incorporates a streaming service and a trilogy of blockbuster sci-fi films directed by Anthony Hayes. 

Hayes has close to a hundred credits to his name. He starred in films such as War Machine with Brad Pitt, The Rover with Robert Pattinson, and the upcoming Robbie Williams biopic, Better Man, from the director of The Greatest Showman.

Who is the Dark Army?

Trailer for Retrogression: The Rise of the Dark Army

The Dark Army NFT collection highlights a one-of-a-kind, clone-wars style and features a limited number of rare NFTs. Set three hundred years in the future, these mysterious troopers are:

  • A limited-mint of an exclusive collection of film-based character NFTs drawn from the sci-fi world of Retrogression and created on Unreal Engine
  • Enforcers of the law on the dystopian island of Omega, one of the few habitable land masses left in the world
  • Police to the Slave Factories, where the poor are forced to work to make “green” products for the rich
The rarest, Dark Army leader General McKinsky, is limited to ten in each color.

Each unique character grants you additional built-in utility. Subsequent releases will include the PAAT resistance army, supporting characters and real-life 3D scanned NFTs of the actors cast in the movie. Be the character, in the game, across the metaverse.

Utility: Film Streaming Services, Cameo Appearances, and Early Access to P2E Game

Utility! Utility! Utility! 

As part of the Film Crib community, you stand to gain privileged access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content on filmcrib.io or win premiere tickets in your nearest location (with fully paid flights and accommodation). The NFTS will be integrated into Metaverse Partner platforms, allowing you to unbox them and use them as your Avatar across the metaverse. 

The Retrogression game will be developed on Unreal Engine, based on the world of the films, where you can explore the story, and earn super rare NFTS that unlock secret levels and tokens. I don’t know about you, but these extensive perks sound like a compelling NFT to hold!

A mock-up of Retrogression when it finally hits the big screens

Early preview access to Film Crib’s streaming services

  • Preview the highly anticipated Retrogression trilogy film: Watch it first – gain exclusive, early preview access to the Retrogression sci-fi trilogy and remarkable behind-the-scenes footage​ on Film Crib.
  • Premium access to the Film Crib streaming service: Film Crib presents emerging, top-quality streaming services to emerging indie films and directors, with over a hundred films, including twelve Academy Award-winning films, Cannes winners, and other festival films. Plus exclusive interviews with Academy Award-winning, Emmy Winning, and BAFTA-winning filmmakers, actors, and film practitioners from films and TV productions such as Aqua Man, Moonknight, Wolf Creek, Day of the Dead, From Dusk til Dawn, Cruella, and more!
  • Movies in the metaverse: Participate in a virtual cinema chain across the Metaverse that plays host to the Retrogression Sci-Fi trilogy.

Included perks are hidden in the blind-minted NFTS

  • Star in a cameo role in the film
  • Win an Executive Producer credit 
  • Premier​ screenings in your nearest location, with flights and accommodation included
  • Participate in a VIP, live virtual meet and greet session with the director and cast
  • Own real-life props or costumes from the film, 3D NFT props, and costumes, and posters signed by the cast and crew
  • Private VIP zoom meet-ups with the cast and crew of the Retrogression film

Earn RTGN Tokens

Earn active, real-world RTGN tokens from the Retrogression game. The sale of these NFTs and future collections based on characters from the film will also fund the movie and accelerate it into production.

Own an Avatar for your upcoming P2E gaming experience

  • Enjoy beta testing passes to play the Retrogression game​
  • Integrate your NFTs into metaverses and in the Retrogression P2E game

Now, let’s try an activity – see if you can tick at least three out of four of these traits:

  • ✅ A film and movie buff
  • ✅ An avid fan of CGI, Unreal Engine, and VFX
  • ✅ A Star Wars believer, or belong to Trekkies, Whovians, and Browncoats
  • ✅ A gamer looking for your next dystopian adventure in an apocalyptic sci-fi world

The Omega Forces are recruiting all ranks and generals now. Join the Dark Army with your own individually numbered and ranked NFT! Be part of the Retrogression movement and experience an immersive, action-packed dystopian journey!

Upcoming events

  • Upcoming AMA on Twitter Spaces (P.S. Listeners stand to win free mint spots during the session!)
    • Date: 22 September 2022
    • Time: 11:00 AM (SGT) | 1:00 PM (ACT) | 8:00 PM (PST)
  • The Retrogression NFT Mint will happen on 30 September 2022 (AEST) for 0.15 ETH (200 USD)
  • The first drop of 1,500 NFTs will be available for WL and public mint

We love to reward our loyal readers who have made it to the end of this article. The first eight who complete the steps on this page and enter this secret code: iv7ZNGZX will secure a guaranteed WL spot.

Disclosure: This is not financial advice. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. 

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