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OSBiome: An NFT Project That Helps You Stay Healthy!

Ome ‘Pioneer Gen’ NFT collection is the world’s first Health-to-Earn NFTs made of 1,000 unique cute 3D virtual pets. Each blob – known as an Ome – is a personification of the millions of living microbes within us, living in the Omeverse.

Omes act as your lifelong health companion, bringing exclusive health quests personalized to their owners’ unique health needs. By completing the quests, players can receive tokens as rewards to interact and play with their Omes.

By taking care of your Ome, you are indirectly taking care of your own health. This is a one-of-a-kind project that aims to make personalized health truly addictive for everyone.

  • Minting site link: https://ome.osbiome.com
  • Minting dates: 25/26 June
  • Collection quantity: 1,000 units
  • Price: Ξ0.1
  • Gas-free minting
  • Convenient to buy – pay by credit card

The OSBiome Artwork

The Omes’s art thesis is the artist’s take on the millions of microbes and cells living within our gut. Each traits are moulded in 3D and was chosen over the conventional 2D PFP trend, in preparation for the vision is to bring them to life in our future mobile game where owners can interact and play with their Omes.

Inspiration is also derived from the the Tamagotchi, an adorable blob-like digital pet wildly popular in the 90s, where players took great amounts of care for their well-being. Our idea is to help move that attention and love onto the owners themselves and to hopefully make self-care a natural part of everyone’s lives.

The Pioneer Gen collection is their ‘OG’ collection, giving a shoutout to Singapore’s campaign and also to feature some legendries inspired by the very first OG projects on Web3.

NFT Traits and Rarity

So far there are only 1,000 Omes discovered in Omeverse. They can be seen with differing traits from skin colours and textures, and some evolved to have wings over time. Some Omes also seemed to take on human characteristics like having accessories like glasses or even moustaches.

Legendaries are also observed, where Omes hold 1/1 traits and are ultra rare.

The full rarity table curated by the explorers of the Omeverse will be released at mint on Ome’s mint page.

OSBiome NFT Utility

A simple and no-brainer way to take care of your gut health

Owners of our ‘Pioneer Gen’ Omes will receive simple health quests, generated by our proprietary bioAI, that are based on their unique biological needs. No need for endless research and trial and error, simply follow the quests and see improvements for your gut health.

Unlocking the best health quests

‘Pioneer Gen’ Ome owners completing their health quests will reward them with the highest token earning rates compared to subsequent Ome owners and non-owners.


Owners of Omes will also be able to rent their Omes to non-owners for them to enjoy higher earning rates, and in return split their earnings.

Token and NFT airdrops and priority WL

‘Pioneer Gen’ Ome owners will be receiving exclusive airdrops for subsequent NFT releases and the Omeverse tokens. You will also be automatically included in future whitelists and pre-mints ahead of anyone else.

VIP access to new features

Ome owners will be the first ones to access and use features in beta ahead of the general public.

Staking of bio-persona

As we evolve Ome NFTs and as you interact with yours, Omes will become a representation of your bio-persona in the blockchain. The bio-persona data is highly valuable and useful for scientists to push the frontiers of research. You have the right to stake or unstake your Ome in the Omeverse, representing the rights to use your bio-persona in aggregated research. Staking your Ome will unlock higher earning rates subsidized by the research entities.

Movement of bio-personas across Metaverses and chains

This is the final vision of the Ome NFT project. As your bio-persona and health become synonymous with the Ome, you will be able to use your Omes as a digital representation of your identity across the vastness of Web3. We firmly believe that this will unlock unlimited powerful use cases across different chains and projects – such as DeFi, virtual real estate etc.

The OSBiome Team

Artist – Ning (@ningthebun

Ning is a digital artist who has been drawing and creating since her teenage years. From directing stills with Sims characters, to commissioning digital canvases, she discovered the Blender tool, bringing her into the world of 3D. She conceptualized Omes and hand sculpted every trait you see, decorating the colorful and vibrant personalities of the 1,000 Omes.

CTO / Co-founder Dr Maria (@MariaCorli)

Dr Maria Corliano is an award winning scientist with published papers, studying the human gut microbiome and its impact on human health. After spending half a decade in one of the world’s leading research institution, she has decided to bring her expertise into the real world, in hopes of helping millions of people take back control over their own health. 

She co-founded OSbiome with Ian and is the brainchild of bioAI that will be powering the Omeverse, providing every user their unique personalised health quests shaped from their own unique biology.

CEO / Co-founder Ian (@ianch32

Ian had been an entrepreneur since 15, flipping gaming consoles on forums to selling ice-cream door to door. Since then, he’s successfully founded and exited 2 companies, and met Dr Maria in an exclusive venture accelerator, where he raised VC funding to build OSbiome. 

Through his years of experience in health and wellness space, he has heard countless heart breaking stories from people who suffer from gut issues and not being able to enjoy even the most common things in life. This led to Maria and him to start OSbiome and Ome NFTs, to help millions of people every day access personalised health in a fun and sustainable way. 

Backed by a strong and passionate team

OSbiome and the Ome NFT project is supported by a team of 10 people located worldwide, from UXUI designers, community builders to data scientists with Masters in bio-informatics. Every day, each of them are obsessed to build an amazing product for end users and to hone their specific set of skills.

What’s Next For OSBiome?

The mint will be in end June 2022. While we are leading up to that, the team is still working to deliver on the live working app already ready for use today

On Public mint day, we will be announcing the details of the next phase of Omeverse development – Omeverse tokens. 

Our goal is to complete the transition of the OSbiome mobile app onto the blockchain, integrate Omes and allow the use of tokens by Q4 2022. Once they are ready, Ome ‘Pioneer Gen’ Owners will receive airdrops leading up to beta launch date.

Concurrently, we will continue the community and partnership building efforts, expanding collaborations with projects and partnerships with health and lifestyle brands to provide exclusive benefits for our Ome holders. 

Special events and challenges will also be held online and in-person for Ome owners to meet and interact with each other. 

More details on the roadmap to be found on our mint page : https://ome.osbiome.com

Be Part of an Innovative New Project with Unique Real-World Value

We all see Web3 and blockchain as the future. But where we are at today, is not it. We need to build products and use cases to provide real world value for true adoption to occur. 

Our project brings in an untapped $10T health sector and combines it with the proven traction of P2E model. This is one of the only projects that combine real world value with viral in-game mechanics, very possibly a blueprint for future generations of Web3 and NFT projects.

Sick art, doxxed team, VC backed, real world value, save lives. What else do you need?

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