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Mintable Pro Services – Qualifying For Paid Promotions

Mintable’s Pro Services are a set of paid promotions available to users of our platform. This article will explain how you can use Pro Services, and the requirements to qualify for promotions on Mintable.

How To Promote Your NFTs Through Pro Services

There are 3 ways you can promote your NFT through Pro Services:

Social Media Blast – $15

We’ll promote one of your listings or your profile on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Twitter followers: 66.3k
Instagram followers: 31.8k

If you’re a new artist who has yet to establish your own following in the NFT space, our social media blasts are the best way to get your NFTs seen by a large chunk of the NFT community.

Email Blast – $50

We’ll promote one of your listings or your profile on Mintable in our weekly newsletter.
Active Newsletter Readers: 136.5k

Email blasts are a good way to get your NFTs seen by serious buyers. You will be featured alongside other paid and organic promotions that represent the best that Mintable has to offer.

Our newsletter is sent out every Wednesday, and there’s a limit to the number of sponsored promotions we can include in each newsletter.

Press Release – $100

We’ll write a press release for you, or distribute one you’ve written yourself.
Media Sites: 195+

Press releases help news and online publications find out about your work. Use our press release service if you’re doing something innovative, interesting, or controversial, that news outlets may want to report on.

When you order a press release, we’ll ask you for more information on your work or your collection. Often, new artists simply say something like “I am an artist from Turkey with a background in engineering. I love to paint and I decided to try making NFTs because I think NFTs are the future. Please help me promote my work”.

This is not the kind of story that news outlets will be interested in, so you may not get the coverage you were hoping for. If you want to use a press release to promote your work, try to come up with a unique and interesting angle for your story.
Alternatively, use our social media blast or email blasts instead.

Qualifying for Pro Services

To qualify for paid promotions, your NFTs must:

  1. Be original

    The NFTs you submit for promotion cannot contain plagiarized work or copyright infringements. Your NFT is not original if you have:

    – Minted someone else’s work or part of their work
    – Copied and modified/put a filter over someone else’s work

    Additionally, if your work contains famous characters, real or fictional, you may be in violation of copyrights. While creating fan art is legal, selling it for money is not. You may mint your fan art and send it to your friends, but you cannot sell it on any marketplace.

    If the NFT you submit for promotions contain copyright violations, your NFT will be removed from the platform and you will receive ad credits instead. Read this article to find out what exactly constitutes a copyright infringement.

  2. Not contain sensitive content

    Sensitive content includes pictures of genitals, explicit depictions of sexual acts, penetration and gore. Erotic art is acceptable as long as it is tasteful, and isn’t pornographic by purpose. Read this article to find out more about what makes an NSFW NFT acceptable.

  3. Have a good description

    Writing a good description gives us the information we need to help you sell your work. It doesn’t matter if your English isn’t perfect, or if you’re not good at writing. All you need to do is provide information about your NFTs that describe your work, why people should buy it, and what exactly they are getting with their purchase. Here are a few things you can include in your NFT description:

    – What is your artwork about?
    – What inspired you to make this piece?
    – What medium or tools did you use?
    – Is there a story or message you’re trying to tell through your work?
    – What do buyers get from your NFT? Do they also get a high resolution version or a copyright transfer?
    – How can buyers use your NFT? Can they use it as a phone wallpaper or send it as a greeting card?

    A good description helps buyers understand your work, and how it can be valuable to them. Your description does not need to answer all of these questions, as long as you provide some information about your work.

    Here are some examples of good NFT descriptions:

…and here are some examples of bad descriptions:

When To Promote Your Profile via Mintable Pro Services

Instead of promoting individual NFTs, we can promote your entire Mintable profile. You should submit your artist profile for promotion if you would like to promote your entire collection of works.

Tips to qualify for artist profile promotions:

1. Fill out your profile’s “About” section. Tell us who you are as an artist and what your profile is about. You don’t have to get too fancy – something as simple as “I am an artist from California who makes AI generated art of mythical creatures” will do, but try to make it as interesting as you can.

2. Have a consistent style. What is your signature style as an artist? This should be visible through your NFTs. Alternatively, if you like creating in different styles, you should have collections of multiple NFTs in each style to show some consistency and authenticity in your work. This helps buyers understand what they can expect from you – if they like your style, even if they do not buy something now, they may come back later to see if you have something new.

Here are some examples of good artist profiles:

psgcollage’s artist description is just “Digital Collages” – not exactly what we said is a good description. However, all her artworks have a distinct and consistent style.
This artist also has a very distinct and consistent style – and the ‘About’ section describes the collection on the profile.

…and here’s an example of a profile that could be better:

“About” section has no description, and every NFT has a vastly different style. From looking at this profile, do you know what what this artist’s brand is? Do you know what to expect from them in the future? Do you trust that all the NFTs are original artworks? Consistency is important.

There’s No Right Way To Make Art – But There’s A Right Way To Sell It

Instead of relying on us to notice your NFTs and promote them organically, Mintable’s Pro Services are a guaranteed way to make sure your NFTs reach a wider audience. However, even if we are being paid to promote your work, we need to make sure that the NFTs we encourage our users to buy meet our quality standards.

We do not accept or reject application for Pro Services based on the art. After all, art is subjective. But if you follow the tips we provided above, and use best practices for creating a marketplace listing, you won’t have any issues getting your NFTs sold.

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