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No Need for Crypto: Reasons to Buy NFTs with Your Credit Card

In the near future, shopping for NFTs online will be just like on any eCommerce platform such as Etsy or Amazon – it will be commonplace for everyone and their grandma to own NFTs.

One of the ways Mintable is making that a reality is by making the very first step into the world of NFTs as easy as can be – by allowing users on our platform to buy NFTs without the need for any cryptocurrency at all.

You can shop from millions of NFTs on Ethereum and pay for it using your debit or credit card in just a few simple clicks.

How can credit cards be used to buy NFTs?

Wert is a payment solutions provider specializing in NFTs and DeFi. Wert automatically converts your money to ETH in real-time, meaning that the creator gets paid in ETH at its current rate even though you’re paying with credit card. All you have to do is hit “buy with credit card” on the listing of your choice, follow the necessary steps, and voila! You’re an NFT owner!

With our partnership with Stripe, a licensed and trusted online payment processing service, you can also use your debit and credit card to purchase on-platform advertising services.

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to purchase an NFT with a credit card.

What are the benefits of using a credit card to buy NFTs?

Buying your very first NFT can be a steep learning curve. From understanding NFTs to navigating the cryptocurrency market and acquiring crypto for your purchase – there are not many solutions out there that are cushioning the point of entry for new buyers.

Credit card purchases aren’t only to facilitate ease and accessibility for first-time buyers. Users who use their credit card for NFT purchases stand to have a number of other hurdles removed on their journey to becoming an NFT owner.

1. Hassle-free, direct, and immediate 

Buying with or without crypto is no different when it comes to NFT ownership. Track your portfolio of digital assets even when you purchase using a debit or credit card. You’ll be able to see the NFT in your wallet instantly after purchase, the transaction will be visible on the blockchain if you search for it on the blockchain explorer, and you’ll be able to trade and sell the NFTs on our marketplace as well.

2. Do without navigating crypto exchanges

Purchasing NFTs with your credit card eliminates the need to navigate crypto exchanges and trade cryptocurrency. Whether it is ETH, SOL, DOT, etc, buying an NFT on many other platforms will require you to own cryptocurrency even as an entry-level buyer of NFTs. Acquiring cryptocurrency would mean accessing exchanges to buy or exchange currency for your digital wallet in order to make purchases. On Mintable, the option of shopping with your credit card will significantly lower the barrier to entry. By cutting away withdrawal fees, transaction fees, admin fees, etc – it is as easy as getting a digital wallet connected to start shopping.

3. Avoid the volatility of cryptocurrency

Another worry buyers face when buying with cryptocurrency is that the market can dip and rise at unpredictable rates, possibly affecting the value of the NFTs in the market. By buying NFTs using your credit card, you do not have to worry about the volatility of the crypto market, or of the fluctuations in price at the time of purchase. You can simply enjoy shopping for your favorite NFTs, just like you would with all your other online purchases.

Mintable wants NFTs for all

Mintable wants to become the most user-friendly and accessible NFT marketplace for NFT creators and collectors of all levels. Making debit and credit card payments available is a crucial step in making new users feel at ease with exploring the world of NFTs. Without having to learn about buying and holding crypto, your grandma or nephew will be able to say they own NFTs in the same way they’ve been able to make online purchases for everything else. In just a few clicks, we’re closer to a world where NFTs can be fully embraced by everyone, crypto native or not.

Use your debit or credit card to purchase NFTs on Mintable today!

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