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NFTs For Good – 5 Projects Supporting Charitable Causes

The NFT market has been booming, and what better way to celebrate our success than by giving back to the community?

NFTs are a great way to raise funds and spread awareness for social and charitable causes. As the market grows, more and more people are beginning to incorporate charitable elements to their projects. Stand up for causes that are close to your heart by supporting the projects that champion them!

NFTs are a great way to raise funds and spread awareness for social and charitable causes. Here are 5 NFT projects you can collect that raise awareness and donate their proceeds to charities.

Dainty Dolphins

Dainty Dolphins NFTs

Dainty Dolphins was created out of a simple admiration for dolphins and to raise awareness for our endangered friends. Each of the 1,836 Dainty Dolphins is unique and hand-drawn, with more than 135 different traits available, and 100% of all minting profits will be donated to Team Seas to support their mission of removing 30 million pound of trash from our oceans by Jan 1, 2022.

With the rise in ocean pollution and climate change, the Dainty Dolphins realized it was time to step up and make a change. 100% of all proceeds from mint, 50% of all proceeds from merch and 25% of all proceeds from royalties will go towards community chosen charities.

When 50% of the NFTs are minted, Dainty Dolphins will donate 15 ETH to a charity chosen by their community. At 100%, they will donate another 50 ETH. Post a full mint, Dainty Dolphins NFTs will serve as access tokens to holder-only gaming events with prizes offered in ETH.

Oki’s World

Oki’s World NFTs

Oki’s World is A Coming of Age Story that merges the physical and ethereal realms through generative NFTs, murals, music and community. Follow the story over 5 chapters (5 drops), each with their own digital collectible NFTs, a permanent physical art presence through murals, with immersive music and animations that all unfold into the singularity.

After they mint out at the end of chapter 5, they will hand over all the creation tools to Oki NFT holders to be able to create their own NFTs and story lines. Holders get to keep 100% of primary sales and 4% of secondary sales.

The team at Oki’s World has officially partnered with OnChain Monkeys and Metagood to create a sustainability protocol into our smart contract. A percentage of all transactions will go towards a cause aligned with UNDP Sustainable Development Goals so Oki’s can do good together.

Dirty Dogs

Dirty Dog NFT Tiers

Dirty Dogs is a collection of 7,777 unique Dogs let out of the pound by a rogue Cool Cat, released in an effort to help dogs around the world by donating to charities and shelters, local and global.

At the end of their public sales, the Dirty Dogs community was able to vote on the beneficiaries of donations in their Discord server, donating $25,000 to Fur Kids, and $25,000 to Plush Bears Shelter. The Dirty Dogs team is also working on a big collaboration with a few charities and charity projects, which they will be announcing next week. 

Further down the road, they have plans to develop a Cats Vs. Dogs Game, adding further utility to their NFTs for holders.

Chonk Society

Brace for adorable impact. Chonk Society is a collection of 1,500 chonky cat NFTs on a mission to donate $1,000,000 to pet rescues around the world and explore the power of DAOs in transforming charitable giving.

The Chonk Society team will be donating up to 20% of their initial sales, as well as holding monthly charity auctions of limited edition 1/1 Chonks. Their royalties are set to 5%, where 50% of it will be invested right back into the community wallet to support community managers, moderators and Chonk Society events.

With their funds, they’ll begin exploring the potential of DAOs in coordinating charitable giving. They’ll also look into collaborating with cat cafes, where the community can hang out with REAL LIFE chonks and help out cat rescues at the same time! And also…CHONK PLUSHIES!

Trotting Turkeys

Trotting Turkeys is a 5,555 NFT Collection that aims to be the most charitable NFT project on the Solana blockchain. Each Trotting Turkey is unique and made from 80+ attributes and accessories. Once minted, members will have the commercial rights to their NFT for as long as they hodl it. 

Upon completion of mint, 1,000,000 meals will be provided to Feeding America and 50% of all royalties will be provided to local hunger relief. They will also be launching the Giving DAO, the first ever DAO dedicated to supporting local charities that members are familiar with and local to, and provide Rug Protection with royalties to their community for all Trotting Turkey members.

If you have an NFT project that supports charitable causes, Mintable would love to help! Email us at support@mintable.com to find out how we can help you widen your exposure and maximize secondary sales.

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