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Project Spotlight – MetaSlavs

MetaSlavs, a project celebrating Slav culture and the squatting Slav phenomenon represented in unique hand-drawn NFT artwork of 9545 avatars of squatting Gopnik. Metaslavs aims to create a new digital world, mirroring the hilarious, fun, and colorful life of Central and Eastern European nations, with the ultimate goal of building a Slavic Metaverse. It’s an ambitious goal, achievable by the fully doxed, experienced team with successful blockchain projects, standing behind the MetaSlavs.

Who are the MetaSlavs?

MetaSlavs is an NFT project based on Slav culture, the Eastern Communist Bloc heritage, and the Gopnik way of life. Globally, there are approximately 330 million Slavs, all sharing similar cultural heritage and memories from the communist and post-communist times. All those traditions and questionable fashion choices attracted the attention of creators and influencers. From the most popular meme-ish groups celebrating the squatting Gopnik to the newly rising Tik-Tok stars and DJs – the squatting slavs community is growing exponentially. It’s about time to bring them into the Metaverse where 9545 unique Gopniks will squat until the end of the world. 

All MetaSlavs come from an imaginary land called ‘MetaSlavia’, an imaginary dystopia inspired by past events. The number 9545 has a special symbolic meaning for the team and the creators of the NFT artwork. It represents the  9th of May 1945, known as the Victory Day, marking the end of WWII. As Victory Day marks the beginning of a new more peaceful time, the MetaSlavs Metaverse aims to create a parallel universe, where all the MetaSlavs live out their days listening to Hardbass, eating sunflower seeds on street corners, drinking hard liquor, and enjoying their own version of communism.

About the MetaSlavs Collection

The MetaSlavs collection will be released in Seasons, and the first season in two stages: 17th December marks a pre-mint date with a lower initial price of the NFTs and the NFT airdrop to all giveaway winners so far. On the 17th, each whitelisted investor will have the opportunity to buy a maximum of 5 NFTs.

19th December marks the official start of the sales with the initial prices of 0.04 ETH. Each investor will be able to purchase up to 10 MetaSlavs. It’s worth noting that Season 1 will happen on the Ethereum Network.

Every holder of an original Metaslav avatar will be automatically whitelisted for the upcoming seasonal mints. In addition, the OG holders will be eligible for surprise item airdrops, in the form of NFTs, that would be tradable and will possess utility for the upcoming Slavic metaverse.

Every original MetaSlav Gopnik has to feel special to its owner. So together with the unique human name and hand-drawn body and traits, each Metaslav NFT will receive a  background story generated by AI.

The collection will be distributed on a random principle after the reveal date, with the possible option of custom backgrounds and traits in the future.

The whitelisting process for community members is currently running and is done through various tasks and giveaways. 

Whitelisted members will be able to mint on the 17th of December, while everyone else will be able to do it on the 19th of December. 

Whitelisted members can get their MetaSlavs for 0.02 ETH, while regular members at the price of 0.04 ETH. 

The MetaSlavs Team

An experienced developer and dev-studio owner, a seasoned entrepreneur, blockchain native, and a talented artist and CEO of a design agency complete the holy trinity of the Metaslavs founding team.

Each of the founders leads its own team and a department – development, design, and business development/marketing. 

The list with all team members alongside their LinkedIn profiles can be found on the official website of the Metaslavs project. Scrolling through the bios of the founders and their support team will show why the MetaSlavs project is moving so steadily and gives no doubt about its further success. 


The minting of the original 9545 MetaSlavs will lay the foundation for building a Slavic Metaverse. 

Following that, there will be additional NFTs separated into seasons. Each season will be derivative of the original project and will include other items like vehicles, pets, houses, land, etc. 

Holders of the original Metaslav collection will be automatically qualified for the seasonal whitelist. Certain seasons will be airdropped, others will be minted but all holders of the original MetaSlav will be eligible for surprise item airdrops of tradable NFTs and NFTs that will possess utility in the upcoming Slavic Metaverse.

All the seasons are linked to each other and to the original MetaSlavs collection, therefore owners of any of the NFTs will qualify for all rewards, potential airdrops, and whitelists.

The Great Gopnik Games

To keep the community engaged between seasonal mints, the team has developed The Great Gopnik Games. NFT holders and holder wannabes will be able to engage in social-media-driven games and puzzles – only the most hard-working and cunning participants will be rewarded! The rewards range from something as simple as a free mint ticket for an upcoming season, NFTs, merch, to something as wild as having a percentage of a season’s secondary sales! 

The Great Gopnik games also grant users privileges to different items or special NFTs that you can exchange for merchandise, get discounts with, or revenue share traits. Look out for all the giveaways while playing the Great Gopnik Games on their social media channels and Discord!

MetaSlavia DAO

The team will also be issuing a token in the near future to form a DAO. The ERC-20 token will be airdropped to holders and will vary in size depending on the volume of MetaSlavs users, or the number of Metaslavia items the wallet address has.

The token will be used as a governance token in MetaSlavia. The MetaSlave future’s of endless possibilities – an explorable 2D Metaverse, 3D virtual reality, a play-to-earn game… token holders get to decide.


The second season of MetaSlavs will be released immediately after the end of the minting of the first, aiming to create more partnerships that will bring value to the community.

MetaSlavs recently announced a partnership with Hyperfyre, a blockchain-based sovereign identity project. Followed by another strategic partnership with Wombo, an AI app that has been downloaded over 50 million times. Wombo created a custom lip-syncing app on which The Great Gopnik games are being played as well.

With offers from a few leading blockchain platforms to move MetaSlavs onto their chain, expect more partnerships and even more surprises to be disclosed down the road! 

What’s next for MetaSlavs?

“We believe in the power of our community. Together, we can create a whole new world, a metaverse for all Slavs and Slav culture admirers. We will create a DAO that will empower the community to decide the direction of the project. The community, along with the team will be exploring the NFT space, building, and testing cutting-edge technologies. We want to do revenue sharing with our community, go into donations, build a Hardbass production house, sponsor artists, build a game, create music NFTs, and have more partnerships. If you ask us, we would do everything! This is what you can expect from MetaSlavs, a community-driven project innovating in space.”

– Luka Ciganek, founder of MetaSlavs

MetaSlavs Launch Party

MetaSlavs are organizing a “launch party” for everyone to join on their mint date, the 19th of December, 7 PM CET. The team is planning to have a spectacular online party on discord with DJs, giveaways, influencers, NFT enthusiasts, and the whole Slavic community. Feel free to join their Discord for the party!

Find out more about MetaSlavs:


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