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Mintable Partners with Station Casinos to Launch STN Charms!

We’re excited to share some exciting news with you today! Mintable is proud to announce that we have entered a partnership with Station Casinos, a leading provider of gaming and entertainment in Las Vegas, to launch STN Charms. STN Charms is an all-new NFT casino loyalty rewards program that aims to personalize the gaming experience for members of Station Casinos’ Boarding Pass.

What are STN Charms?

STN Charms provide guests with an innovative way to enhance their gaming experience with approachable and personalized NFT Charms that level up in luck as guests win. Guests can either earn or purchase and sell the Charms via the STN Charms website, encouraging them to collect them all. In addition, all Boarding Pass members at Station Casinos’ properties will automatically be enrolled in the program and will receive several debut shamrock Charms to get started.

How Mintable Helped

To create the program, Station Casinos used Mintable’s API and platform to enable the buying, selling, display, and storage of these NFTs, forming the technical backbone of the entire experience. The partnership between Station Casinos and Mintable is reshaping the casino gaming and loyalty program industry, allowing guests to personalize their gaming experience by collecting NFTs in their Charm Box and by leveling up their Charms.

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As a leading NFT marketplace and solutions provider, Mintable is dedicated to driving innovation and bringing the benefits of Web3 technology to enterprises of all sizes. Our partnership with Station Casinos and the launch of STN Charms is a prime example of how our solutions can help bring NFT strategies to life for enterprises and drive loyalty for their audiences.

Click here to learn more about the STN Charms program.

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