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10 Steps to buying an NFT with a credit card

With our partnership with Wert, buying an NFT is as easy as 10 simple steps. Let this article take you through how to buy an NFT without the need for any crypto at all.

Step 1: Connect your Metamask wallet to your Mintable account.

Step 2: Browse from over a million NFTs on the mintable platform

Step 3: Select the NFT you wish to buy

Step 4:  Click on the “buy with credit card” button on the page

Step 5: Select “pay with credit card” to confirm

Step 6: Confirm your wallet address to connect (you can also put the wallet address of a loved one to gift them an NFT)

Step 6: Key in your details

Step 7: Follow the necessary steps to get a one-time KYC approval (takes 5min)

Step 8: Pay the amount needed

Step 9: Confirm the transaction

Step 10: Congratulations! You have now purchased your first NFT with a credit card.

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