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Game Spotlight: Engines of Fury

In this week’s Spotlight, we have the captivating PVE and PVP game Engines of Fury, a retro-futuristic world 3D auto battler where players can duel, win & earn, upgrade, and host. With a strong team and a vision, Engines of Fury is the next crypto game to watch!

What is Engines of Fury?

Engines of Fury is a visually stunning, interesting, and addictive game that would seamlessly tie the crypto functionality to an addictive gameplay loop in a creative and smart way. This will ensure the game’s long-term success, attract numerous players over time, drive the game economy, surge the value of tokens and NFTs, and create lucrative incentives for investors, NFT enthusiasts, and the blockchain community as a whole. In a nutshell, Engines of Fury is a captivating, stunning, and impressive retro-futuristic world 3D auto battler where players can:

Duel: Engage in exciting PVE and PVP duels and tournaments

Win & Earn: Win tokens, forge items (NFTs), and earn profits

Upgrade: Buy, customize, and upgrade champions

Host: Buy arena lands, host fights for other players, and earn passive income


With a core team based in Lithuania of 30 people, most of the team members have more than a decade of experience in game development under their belt in projects like NOIA (Syntropy) and Matic Network (Polygon). On top of a large number of trusty advisors and partners, the founding members come from multinational game development studios and esports gaming platforms.


Hassan Sheikh Chief of Marketing & Strategy of DAO Maker DAO Maker
Adomas Juodišius Founder & CEO of DeRace
Adelaida Founder & CMO of DeRace
Michael K S Kam Founder of Double Peak Group

Investors & Partners: 

Animoca Brands, DAO Maker, LD Capital, GameFi, DoublePeak Ventures, Metavest, Kyros Ventures, DWeb3, Metrix Capital, Decubate, SL2, Raptor, Mintable, Polychain Monsters, BTC12 & more to be announced.

Guilds ecosystem: 

Rainmaker, GGG, UNIX, Metagaming, Infinity, PIF, Earn, Cosmic & more to be announced.


What to expect from Engines of Fury:

The mission of Engines of Fury is to break traditional molds and tackle the main pain points prevalent in existing crypto games – repetitive gameplay. The core of Engines of Fury’s vision is to develop a visually stunning, interesting, and “dopamine-kicking” endless gaming experience, by immersing it into a mysterious world with an intriguing storyline and interesting gameplay.

Engines of Fury will bring:

  • Numerous different and addictive gameplay modes.
  • Deep lore, stunning 3D visuals, and animations.
  • Crypto aspects seamlessly tied into the gameplay with an organic need for tokens/NFTs.
  • Well-defined scope, fast launch, and reasonable buffers for development.


In the Engines of Fury world, you – the Player – will be able to:

  1. Immerse yourself in an engaging retro-futuristic world where you can find different types of arenas, champions, bosses, and quests to unlock new abilities, titanium schematics (recipes), and battles in PVP and PVE modes.
  2. Create and keep upgrading your hero through training, fighting in the arena, and buying or forging powerful weapons and armour (NFTs).
  3. Fight against the Engine Guardians, get recipes & access to the Engine so you could forge mighty weapons and armor.
  4. Battle against other players in one-on-one duels or tournaments to win tokens and a variety of bonus rewards.
  5. Complete quests to learn the mechanics of the game, unlocking new skills and items.

Key dates

January: Engines of Fury community month dedicated to special events, gameplay reveals, merchandise, and more!


Find out more about Engines of Fury:

Telegram community
Telegram news

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