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Game Spotlight: TipsyVerse

TipsyVerse is a play-to-earn adventure game that is launching their first NFTs, the Genesis Penguin collection, in end April. 

Ahead of that, their game demo on Minecraft will be up in the next two weeks, allowing players and potential NFT buyers to experience how their NFTs will materialise in the game before the NFTs are available for purchase.

Their try first, mint later approach is a refreshing take in the NFT space as it allows potential investors to sample what they are getting. 

The official coin for the project, TipsyCoin, listed on PancakeSwap 3 weeks ago with a starting market cap of 200k and is currently sitting at a USD 20 Million market cap (in 3 weeks). 

Mint Date: End April

Mint Price: 0.15 ETH

Minting Website: Not yet released

What Is The Penguin Genesis NFT Collection?

The Genesis Penguin NFTs are a small, exclusive collection of only 3,333 that will ever be released. Besides serving as a cool profile picture, they will spawn as companions in the game to fight alongside and grant additional bonuses to the player who owns the NFT.

In TipsyVerse, Companion NFTs are a special class of NFTs, and the Genesis Penguins will be the most prestigious out of the Companion NFTs that will ever release. 

With over 150 unique traits, the small number Genesis Penguin NFTs will be split into 4 overall rarity classes: Common, Rare, Legendary, 1-of-1s.

Genesis Penguin NFTs from TipsyVerse

Genesis Penguin NFT Utility

These furry companions do more than brighten up your day. They are some of the strongest beings in TipsyVerse, blessed with supernatural powers. 

The Genesis Penguins follow you throughout the game and grants a list of benefits, including:

– Fights alongside you in TipsyVerse.

– Enhances your character’s stats, amplifying your play-to-earn opportunities.

– Increases the chance of NFT drops in-game.

– Stake your Genesis Penguins to earn in-game currency. 

– Used for breeding the next generation of companions.

– Entitled to exclusive airdrops.

The benefits that a Genesis Penguin grants to a player are upgradeable as you play the game, and the max level is dependent on the NFT rarity.

The Genesis Penguin NFT collection, as well as all future NFT collections, will be useable in both TipsyVerse 1.0 and TipsyVerse 2.0.

About the TipsyVerse Game

TipsyVerse is built to the theme of popular open-world MMORPGs like World-of-Warcraft. 

In TipsyVerse, players progress through a story quest and concurrently participate in various activities such as fighting mobs to protect TipsyVerse from dark forces, participating in competitive events such as kart-racing, or carrying out commercial trade with resources collected from the game.

  • TipsyVerse 1.0, built on Minecraft (Java Edition), will be playable in Q3 2022.
  • TipsyVerse 2.0, which will be powered on Unreal Engine 5 will be built after.

Delivering on their roadmap and developing a game before their NFT mint is an unconventional but exciting move. Players are able to log onto the game and have a glimpse of Pengaia town in TipsyVerse 1.0 demo which is powered by Minecraft. Explore with friends and have a look at the Genesis Penguin NFTs before you decide to mint. Look ahead for their game demo which will be up next week. They are offering invitations to their community on Discord.

Why should you mint the NFT? Owners of Genesis Penguins NFTs will be eligible for exclusive airdrops that would allow them to breed their Genesis Penguins!

Want to find out more about TipsyVerse?

Website: https://tipsycoin.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TipsyCoin
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tipsycoin
Chart: https://www.defined.fi/bsc/0x20e325e9a40d0dac560bf393a0e6b6dc376a911b
Team: https://tipsycoin.io/our-team/

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