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Project Spotlight: Shuriken Chiks

Sometimes it’s a great story, art, and the whole creative work. Sometimes it’s the community perks, such as giveaways, airdrops, and prizes. Sometimes it’s a long-term product, such as an NFT game or something else.

Shuriken Chiks is solid in every area. It is a project for everyone who relates to the story and insights behind the project.

Shuriken Chiks is a chaotic, bold manifest about the necessity of self-expression in the noisy world – dedicated to the rebellious minds and warrior souls in modern society. The collection is made of 10,000 unique pieces of artwork on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s a brand new upcoming project that the team has been preparing for since last year, to make sure that the NFT collection would be high quality.

What is Shuriken Chiks?

Shuriken Chiks is 10,000 warrior avatars with a built-in human message. It is a chaotic, bold manifest about the necessity of self-expression in the noisy world – dedicated to the rebellious minds and warrior souls in modern society. Focused on storytelling and high-quality craft, Shuriken Chiks is expanded by an NFT game concept. The collection is cross-cultural and timeless. There are thousands of different personalities with hundreds of attributes. The line between cultures, present, and past is blurred. They don’t belong to any era. At first sight, you may think anime. But once you encounter the personalities of Shuriken Chiks, you may find characteristics that may not make any sense together – shiny modern T-shirts and ancient attributes, female samurais with cigarettes, hipsters with ninja weapons – but yet, here they are. When the story meets the product, synergy happens – This is Shuriken Chiks.

Shuriken Chiks has the NFT game expansion in the master plan, but their niche is storytelling. The whole creative concept, every detail from project naming, backstory, art direction, character personalities, game idea etc are thought out to work harmoniously together. Everybody talks about airdrops and giveaways, but the power of the story and the idea behind the artworks is a very personal thing for the team in its built-in identity for the project. The characters are not simply random pretty png files with Eth. giveaways.

Collection quantity: 10,000

Mint date: TBA
Price: TBA

About the Team/Artist

Shuriken Chiks is a team of blockchain enthusiasts. One-half of the team are people with a passion for technology and a background in creating high-tech products for more than ten years. While the other half of the team come from years of experience in the creative industry. This makes great synergy between them. Everyone on the team appreciates what the blockchain brings to gaming in terms of decentralized space and asset management. So they want to deliver high-quality creative work with this NFT collection and then expand it with the end product – an NFT game that pushes the industry forward. As the endless runner games are a very familiar genre for everyone and perfectly suited for the concept, they want to expand the storyline into the endless runner NFT game ‘Shuriken Run’, where the rarity of character traits will make the difference.

Traits and Rarity

Every Shuriken Chik NFT is bold, savageous, and stylish, with some being rarer than others. There are thousands of them with hundreds of different attributes. Each Chik belongs to the one shuriken category from this list:

IPPAN – 40%,
MIGOTO – 20%,
TOKUSHUNA – 10%.   

You’ll also come across different kinds of swords, cover-ups, outfits, and a bunch of things with different rarity proportions.

The stronger and rarer the Shuriken category you are in, the better in-game skills you will have.


There will be lots of perks for the community such as big giveaways and special edition airdrops for Shuriken Chik holders. They will have exclusive access and free minting privilege for the presale of the second collection. The main long-term goal of this project is the NFT game, where NFT holders will have exclusive free access and their benefits will be determined by in-game performances. The game idea expands the initial storyline that you can check on the website.

What’s next?

Once the project sells out:

  • Development of the NFT game will officially take off.
  • 15 special edition NFTs will be airdropped to the random holders.
  • Massive giveaway event with prize money worth 20 Eth


  • The first version of the game will be launched.
  • NFT holders will have exclusive access and will be the first main testers.
  • As the early adopters will get to take part in game development.
  • So only after listening to the feedback, will the team decide on the next upgrade.
  • After launching the first version of the game, a new NFT collection will launch.
  • Shuriken Chik holders will have exclusive access to the presale with the free minting privilege.

All will be updated on the Shuriken Chiks website and social media platforms.

Find out more:

Discord coming soon.

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