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Vy Worlds – The Hottest New Metaverse Gaming Platform

Vy Worlds is a web3 gaming platform, where players can play and build their own game worlds. The gaming platform features playable characters as NFTs, called the Vy – digital vinyls that love to play, build, and connect with friends.

Vy Worlds was created by Knock Knock Games, whose mission is to make it possible for anyone to make their own game on the blockchain as NFT, and work with the Creator Community to build a universe of games and experiences with the playable Vy NFT. Community game creators are also able to earn Play Tokens, giving them a share of the profits they help generate.

Following the success of similar gaming platforms like Roblox, there’s no doubt that Vy Worlds, with its play-to-earn, create-to-earn model, will animate a new generation of community creators to build a rich, diverse, and engaging universe of games. By joining Vy Worlds now, you can help build the Vy Worlds universe, earn money, and have a ton of fun at the same time. Or, you can just enjoy playing fun games created by your fellow gamers.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at everything that Vy Worlds has to offer. 

Who Are The Vy?

No one knows what mysterious power creates the Vy. All we know is, they call it The Maker. As the Vy are created by The Maker, they drop down into new Worlds with a desire to build, play, and explore.

Vy are competitive and social in nature and enjoy exploring new Worlds as they become available. Their attention span is fleeting and they require a constant influx of new Worlds to stay alert and engaged.

The Vy are individually characterized by combinations of traits that make each Vy one of a kind. These traits may include base skin texture, facial expressions, poses, eye coloration and design, accessories, tracksuits, and colors. Concept art and sneak peeks at upcoming Vy drops are available on the Vy Worlds Discord Server.

Vy Character Concepts

The Vy Worlds Platform

Vy Worlds is a two-part platform that facilitates both multiplayer gameplay and a Game World builder.

Gameplay is currently available as racing game and obstacle course modes with shooter and team sports modes to be added in the future.

The Game World Builder is a no-code tool that allows players to design their own Worlds. These Worlds can then be shared with friends and played immediately in an HTML5 web browser.

  1. Simple to make games: The no-code game engine will allow anyone to design and create a World. There are no downloads, no installs – simply a link on the web that quickly loads on any platform.
  2. Live, social play: Multiplayer gameplay is designed to facilitate live, interactive social experiences with friends and family.
  3. Frictionless to share: Worlds are designed and shared in a web browser. Upon the completion of designing and building a World, players can immediately share a web link to friends and family. New players can click the link and start playing in real-time. 

Vy Worlds Economy

The Vy Verse economy is designed to 

a) provide all players with ownership of in-game assets,
b) incentivize creators to make great games
c) reward players for playing and connecting with other players.

Owning Vy gives you the ability to complete play-to-earn challenges to earn Play Tokens.

Play to Earn

The first generation of P2E is about playing a game to earn tokens. They want to build a world where players can spend their time and creativity to make the ecosystem better for everyone, and get a portion of the value they create.

Create to Earn

In Vy Worlds, builders can use the Game World Builder tool (more on that here) and turn their time and creativity into new Game Worlds. When we release the feature, these Game World assets will be able to generate Play Tokens when other people play them.

Upcoming Events and Giveaways

Wednesday 9 Feb
Twitter Whitelist Giveaway! 60 Whitelist spots and IMX tokens for early minters.

Thursday 10 Feb
Join Vy Worlds on Twitter Spaces AMA at 11am GMT+8 to grab some whitelist spots in our giveaway and find out how you can earn while playing the game.

Friday 11 Feb
Discord whitelist giveaway! We have 30 Whitelist spots to be given away in a raffle and 2000 IMX tokens, Mintable Mint Passes, and free NFTs for early minters.
Join Mintable’s Discord to participate

Saturday 12 Feb
Instagram giveaway! We have 30 Whitelist spots to be given away in a raffle and 2000 IMX tokens, Mintable Mint Passes, and free NFTs for early Minters.
Follow Mintable and Vy Worlds on Instagram to participate.

…And more! Follow Vy Worlds and Mintable on Twitter for more opportunities to win.

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