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How to Hype Your NFTs For Potential Buyers

As the NFT market grows, so are the number of creators entering the space. With that, more are vying for the eyes and the attention of collectors as well. One of the ways you can stand out as an NFT creator or an artist is to create fun and engaging NFTs that increase the value of your work. Here are some simple ways you can just do that:

1. Ownership exclusivity

The rarity of any item increases demand for it. One way to capitalize on your item is to make them exclusive to own. Lots of experienced NFT creators in the industry like Beeple and Trevor Jones have used social platforms like discord to create micro-communities that prioritize a certain demographic e.g. holders of Bitcoin Angel art. On top of that, artists are releasing drops exclusive only to buyers who have bought previous collections of theirs. This increases rarity and demand using the purchase of items in your previous collections to drive the sales of the current and vice versa.

2. Keeping an artist proof

This is something that is common practice in the traditional art world. Artist proofs are an edition of a particular piece of work that’s been reserved as one that’s exclusive from the rest. It is more commonly known as the standard used edition that’s been retained apart by the artist or publisher. But it could also be the first edition of the entire collection, the artist’s first draft, or the “original” print of the work. Perhaps it has a certain sentimental value attached to it. Creating an artist proof for your NFT is a good way to showcase the individuality and personalization in the work. Artist proofs are more valuable because there’s only one of them and thus sell at a higher price than others in the collection.

3. Calendar-sensitive NFTs

Calendar-sensitive NFTs are items that make use of significant events to gamify the NFTs for collectors. This is a good way to incorporate an element of mystery and surprise to entice collectors to buy your work. One good example was Beeple during the time right before the presidential election of 2020. Already gaining traction in the NFT space, Beeple released an NFT that would be auctioned off before the election. Depending on the results of the election, the NFT would have a different visual outcome.

4. Giving back to the community

One of the best incentives creators can provide for their buyers is a way for them to give back when they spend. NFTs are a big driver for social change in many different ways. Besides, who doesn’t want the added bonus of getting to make a kind gesture when you buy NFTs? Mintable has seen its own fair of success with raising money for charity through NFT sales. For example, we facilitated the drop by CNBC on 24 May 2021, where the famous ‘Haines bottom’ video was auctioned off and the proceeds from the auction were split between Autism Speaks and the Council for Economic Education.

Collecting is Fun

NFTs aren’t simply digital pieces of art anymore. They are generating new modes of communication between the creator and the collector. They provide mechanisms for artists to expand on their creativity – and that includes ways to make your NFTs exciting for your collectors. This is only scratching the surface of what technology can do to hype NFTs for collectors, with other areas including games and collectibles.

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