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Project Spotlight: Cyber Galz

Cyber Galz are all-round female humanoids from the future in AD 2136, four years before Bitcoin halving. Besides their superb capabilities — including processing skills, combat capabilities, functional utilities in metaverse and hash rates, each Galz embraces charm to make their masters be proud of owning them.

Cyber Galz NFTs are for cyberpunk freaks and geeks who are into cyberpunk and gynoids and want to make their robot girls the center of this metaverse. If you want to get high from cyberpunk creativity and get involved in a one-of-a-kind community for cyberpunk geeks, this is the project for you! 

Genesis Mint: 12:00 UTC, Jan 23 2022

Secondary Sale: 12:00 UTC, Feb 05 2022

Genesis Mint: 12:00 UTC, Feb 06 2022

Cyber Galz NFTs

Cyber Galz NFT is a randomly generated combination of four fixed attributes and six changeable attributes, which makes each Galz a truly individual and unique NFT.

Fixed Attributes:
– Skin
– Eyes
– Mouth
– Body Modification

Changeable Attributes:
– Weapon
– Clothing
– Hair
– Facewear
– Background
– ???

The Cyber Galz website even has a builder that allows you to mix and match traits to preview some of the possible combinations for the NFTs.

NFT Utility

Cyber Galz NFT is more than a PFP collection. Its your entry into the Cyber Galz Metaverse, rich with lore and loot. To begin with, the Cyber Galz team is releasing a comic series, the prologue of which has already been revealed. NFT holders will also be able to redeem Cyber Galz merchandise, special item drops, P2E game NFT drops, and access the Cyber Galz content platform and events.

The Cyber Galz Tech

The Cyber Galz are Galz with tech-savvy solutions. Ethereum NFT L2, crafting solutions, IPFS and VRF are applied for seamless, exciting and trustworthy user experience.

Enhanced Performance on Arweave
NFT data will be stored in decentralized storage Arweave, the leading IPFS bridge system. This tech adoption increases reliability of the data and provides functional stability.

Transparent & Fair Minting via Chainlink VRF
Integrating Chainlink VRF to the Cyber Galz minting system will allow Galz’ masters to have more transparent and fair user experiences during the minting process.

Gas Free Crafting on Immutable X
Galz’ masters can change their Galz NFT items with zero Gas fee as the NFTs are developed on Immutable X, Ethereum layer 2 protocol.

Customized NFT with Crafting Solution
Galz’ masters can make their Galz a self-inspired unique NFT by adding, removing and changing changeable attributes.

Cyber Galz Roadmap

Q1 2022

Genesis minting
Marketplace integration
New comic episodes
Merch redemption event
Special item drop

Q2 2022

1st P2E game trailer & demo release
1st P2E game NFT drop
P2E game demo release
Governance token launch
1st game token launch & IGO
Content platform launch
New comics series launch
NFT art exhibition

Q3-Q4 2022

2nd P2E game trailer & demo release
NFT collaborations with leading brands
2nd game NFT drop
2nd game token launch & IGO
2nd P2E game launch
NFT art exhibition
Marketplace improvement

Enter the Cyber Galz Metaverse

Between their innovative, tech-savvy solutions, the amazing artwork, and everything they have planned for the year to come, it’s clear that the Cyber Galz project is going to take 2022 by storm. Since their genesis mint on 23 Jan, prices on the secondary market have already doubled! Whether you’re in it for the investment, or you’re a true cyber punk at heart, the Cyber Galz world has something for you.

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