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Project Spotlight: Fadeaway Bunny

This project is not just an NFT collection – you’re not simply buying an avatar or a provably-rare piece of art, Fade Away Bunny is offering membership access to a club that benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your Fade Away Bunny can serve as your digital identity, and open digital doors for you.

What is Fade Away Bunny?

Fade Away Bunny collection is an NFT collection on the Ethereum mainnet made by the Manga Token team in collaboration with Shiori Kawana. Get unique bunnies with different characteristics, you might breed a bunny that might earn you more $PILL a day. Each bunny is a non-fungible NFT on an ERC 721 contract and is a unique token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is potentially resellable on other marketplaces such as Mintable, Opensea, or Rarible apart from Trophee.xyz.

On FadeAwayBunny.com, every bunny has a unique design generated from 90 different attributes. This means that there are 200,000,000 possible designs waiting for you to discover!

Key Dates

Pre-sale whitelist in batches:

  • Batch 1 – 27th Dec 2021 UTC 1400
  • Batch 2 – 28th Dec 2021 UTC 1400
  • Batch 3 – 29th Dec 2021 UTC 1400
  • Batch 4 – 30th Dec 2021 UTC 1400
  • Batch 5 – 3rd Jan 2022 UTC 1400

Pre-sale starts: 31st Dec 2021 UTC 1100

Pre-sale mint ends: 5th Jan 2022 UTC 1600

Public Sale Date: 10th Jan 2022 UTC 1600

Each bunny is a randomly generated bunny. To get your bunny you will need to participate in a ROLL. A ROLL is a process that churns out your randomly generated bunny. Each ROLL in the Fade Away Bunny public sale costs 0.08 ETH.


The origin story of Fade Away Bunny comes from Suutan, a bunny suffering from poor mental health issues, depression, sleep deprivation, cutting, and shopping addiction… She’s an introvert with a delicate personality. After moving away from her toxic parents, she now lives alone. Even though she wants to just disappear from the world, she’s still somehow holding on to life. She’s a frail spirit, so try not to get her too worked up… When she’s overwhelmed by her disorders, she stabs herself in the head with a kitchen knife.

Her personality is based on illnesses like anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, depersonalization disorder.


Bunnies do not only have different visual traits, there are also non-visual traits that greatly affect the bunny’s quality.

Visual traits

This affects how your bunny looks.

Breed boost

This reduces the time required to breed new bunnies. In general, it takes 30 days to breed a new bunny. However, if your bunny has a breed booster trait it can potentially take half that time (15 days) to breed a new bunny.

$PILL boost

This increases the amount of $PILL generated a day while staking. In general, bunnies produce 100 $PILL a day. However, if your bunny has a $PILL boost trait it can potentially generate 2 times that amount (200 $PILL) a day.

NOTE: This trait only affects bred bunnies and not the GENESIS bunnies.

Suicidal Rate

This affects the success rate of breeding new bunnies. As Fade Away Bunnies are degenerative in nature, they tend to be suicidal. The more suicidal they are the less likely that the breeding will succeed.

Item shop

Explore the collection of consumables and accessories with the item shop.

DRIP,  a consumable item used in the $PILL Staking Contract to help boost your $PILL production for a period of 7 days.

NYANKEE, a mysterious cat that helps you shorten your bunny breeding time.

GACHA, curious-looking balls that contain wonderful accessories that you can use to redesign your bunnies. Accessory compatibility depends on your bunnies’ rarity level. Be sure to collect different sets to modify your bunny to increase its value.

$PILL Staking Contract

$PILL is an ERC20 token that is vital to the Fade Away Bunny economy. You will be able to use $PILL to breed new bunnies, purchase consumables such as DRIPs & NYANKEEs, and even cosmetic NFTs from the GACHA machine.

In order to earn $PILL, you will need to stake your bunnies with the $PILL Staking Contact.

Genesis Bunnies will only be able to produce 100 $PILL every 24 hours but bred bunnies might be able to produce more depending on their $PILL boosting trait.

About the Artist

Who is Shiori Kawana? She, of course, is a Mangaka and illustrator. She is known for her work such as ‘Fade-Away Bunny’ and ‘Egwin & Friends’. Fade-Away Bunny” was ranked #1 on LINE Indies manga! Shiori Kawana’s work can also be seen as LINE stickers and as NFTs. Her manga “Egwin & Friends” has many fun and loveable characters. It stars Egwin, a purple penguin who loves ramen and has a lazy personality. This story follows Egwin and his friends just as the title states! Egwin is a forty-year-old penguin who loves to laze around home and relax. However, Egwin is presented with a problem when life gets in the way! He can’t be lazy forever! Shiori Kawana’s art is perfect for young and veteran readers. Giving a lesson in each panel. In “Fade-Away Bunny” the reader follows Suutan, a young bunny who is challenged by her mental health. She faces depression, insomnia, anxiety, and much more throughout the story. This manga is darker-themed but touches on important topics. The art is similar to “Egwin & Friends” giving the characters a unique kawaii style. If you want to learn more about Shiori Kawana you can check her out on her LINE blog and Twitter to see more of her recent works!

What’s next?

After the staking, Fade Away Bunny Breeding would be released soon. The breeding feature will allow the current Genesis (Gen zero) Bunny holders to get more bunnies with different traits.

Join Fade Away Bunny for their AMA on 9 Mar 11pm EST, 10 Mar 12pm SGT to learn more about the project.

Find out more:

Artist / Team pages

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