How to Import your XUMM Wallet to Mintable

Prepare these before you begin:

On browser  #

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Hover over your username on the top right of the page.

Click ‘Connect Wallet’. 

Mintable xumm wallet 1

Step 3: Under the XRPL network, click ‘Setup Wallet’. 

Mintable xumm wallet 2

Step 4: Once the pop-up appears, click ‘Get Started’. 

Mintable xumm wallet 3

Step 5: Click ‘Connect XUMM Wallet’. 

Mintable xumm wallet 4

A QR code will appear on the browser’s page.

Mintable xumm wallet 5

On XUMM app on mobile #

Step 6: Log in to your XUMM app on your mobile

Step 7:  Hit the XUMM icon below the page and scan the QR code provided on the browser page

xumm wallet mobile 1

Step 8: Review the transaction details and slide the button below to accept the transaction

xumm wallet mobile 2

On the browser and XUMM app on mobile #

Step 9: Once the transaction is approved, both screens will show success. 

xumm wallet mobile 3

Awesome work! You have successfully imported your XUMM wallet to Mintable. 🥳

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