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Game Spotlight – Metawars

In our very first Game Spotlight, we are featuring Metawars, a blockchain game expanding voyage into uncharted territory. It is a futuristic strategy game that brings high-definition 3D graphics and intergalactic game battle scenarios to life, complete with NFTs and in-game tokens.

Let’s dive into the road map and game mechanics of this highly anticipated game, and take you through the journey and vision of Metawars.

What is Metawars?

Metawars is a gameFi ecosystem providing players to own a share of the play to earn in the Metawars Metaverse. By aligning with different partners, MetaWars provide exclusive rewards with their NFTs.

Native token $WARS and In-game token $GAM can be earned by staking. By using the in-game tokens, gamers can make their way across the Metawars futuristic and sci-fi Metaverse.


There are 3 major phases for the evolution of MetarWars  – Explore, Develop and Combat.


  • Expect to embark on a fascinating journey into outer space – discover galaxies, unveil mysteries, and defend yourself against enemies.
  • Collect NFTs, stake & play to earn coins. Earn more to acquire the Metawars governance token ($WARS) 


  • Partake in the NFT auction & lottery, as well as the purchase of in-game items on the NFT marketplace.
  • Strategically combine modules, weapons, devices, equip perks to fit your playstyle and different objectives.


  • Create personalized characters with NFT collectibles in (PVP) Battle to earn reward.
  • Go on missions (PVE) to upgrade your strength, rank up, and receive valuable rewards.

Check out the Metawars Roadmap here.


Metawar launched a next-generation stake-to-earn mechanic called PlanetFi. Players can unlock rare exclusive Planet NFTs to participate in this revolutionary platform. By staking planets  in a variety of pools to not only earn $WARS but also gain native tokens of the promising GameFi projects. 

What else can you expect from Metawars?

MetaWars PlanetFi

The MetaWars PlanetFi is one of the first of its kind built on Meta (Previously known as Facebook). Players will be able to transfer characters, currencies, and assets between game worlds. 

With PlanetFi, players will be able to mine for a variety of different cryptocurrencies from the many multiverses in-game, with play-to-earn features to add.

The first to come on board is MetaGods, a revolutionary play-to-earn 8-bit action RPG that is introducing permadeath supported by AI technology. 

“MetaGods is excited to launch on Metawars. We believe the community is extremely strong, and by combining forces… we can conquer the metaverse. The in-game economies will be massive! What’s better than becoming a god of a planet?” 

— Jack, the Co-founder of MetaGods. 

How to enter PlanetFi?

To enter, you will have to be an owner of the planet NFT. Only then you will have a chance to gain MetaGods’ token as reward. The amount of tokens that are eligible to receive depends on the rarity of the planet.

More are in the works

In the future, users can expect a full revamp on the Dapp platform that will bring quality to the upcoming developments as well as optimize user experience in-game. The creators of Metawars are strong believers in the future of social GameFi and Metaverse. Collaborations with various top-notch gaming projects are in the plans to develop a fully-realized play-to-earn scifi experience of the future with NFTs.

Find out more about Metawars:

Landing Page –– https://metawars.gg/space-reconnaissance/

Website — https://metawars.gg/

Twitter —  ​​https://twitter.com/MetaWarsNFT?s=20

Telegram Announcements — https://t.me/MetawarsOfficial

Telegram Official Community — https://t.me/MetaWarsNFT

Discord —  https://discord.com/invite/metawars

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/MetaWarsNFT/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/metawarsnft/

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