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Project Spotlight – CrazySkullz

In our Project Spotlight, we look at CrazySkullz, a project that launched and sold out in a mere 40 minutes in early Oct. It is a project unlike any other skull projects, encapsulating the baddest, disreputable, and most ridiculously evil faces that you have ever seen.

In this feature article, we’ll be looking at the project in-depth, to see what made this project so unique, and all the characteristics that make up the CrazySkullz universe.

What is CrazySkullz?

The CrazySkullz collection of 10,000 unique skulls with 146 unique traits, each carrying its own history of ruthless crime. They are avatars that are trying to take control of our planet and to turn it into an apocalyptic place, where evil can rule.

The project has 4 creators – Enkidu (father of skullz), Saydana (mother of skullz), Fitz (blockchain developer), and GB Art (graphic designer).

According to them, CrazySkullz are the most fearless criminals of all time, resurrected from the dead by the smell of the evil that floats in the air. Crimes, bad thoughts, wars, the Pandemic, the smell of blood, the selfishness of people, all the atrocities that have happened are what brought them to life. 

The CrazySkullz lounge

The CrazySkullz roadmap had a lot in store for its collectors, from a 1ETH giveaway for every 1000 skullz minted, to a community-based fund collected from any merch sold, to community wallets and donations to 5 different charity organizations. But what was most interesting about the CrazySkullz roadmap was the promise upon selling out to buy and build an exclusive ‘CrazySkullz Lounge for CrazySkullz owners to socialize and participate in future events.

The Typologies of CrazySkullz

There are 3 different typologies of CrazySkullz that make up this collection, the 3 most unforgivable sins, each inspired by Saydana’s passion for the characters in Iron Maiden.

1. The Mad Skullz – The ones whose deeds have been misjudged. They are former people who were excluded from society because of preconceived ideals developed by people over time. All the wickedness of those who misjudged them are embodied in these skullz, ready to spread throughout the Earth and infect everyone till they are consumed by their wickedness. The Mad Skullz are just a reflection of all the madness that floats in the world.

2. The Evil Skullz – They are the most powerful Skullz because they are the embodiment of the most frightening and harsh deeds committed over the years – all of the world’s greatest dictators, criminals, mobsters, people who killed thousands in cold blood – the supreme force of evil. The evil of The Evil Skullz come from the heart of hell, from the mist of the universe, and from the darkest depths of the human soul.

3. The Crazy Skullz – They are the most versatile of skullz who can use their powers to fool you. Some of them may trick you by coming in the form of your best friend, then tormenting you to death. Their madness can either make them trustworthy or the most reckless of criminals. Don’t be fooled by them and when they show you their most charming face, evil comes in many tempting forms.

What’s next?

If you want more from CrazySkullz, the creators are introducing the next step in the development of the project, which is their very own token called $BONES. This token can be acquired by staking the CrazySkullz NFT, and other NFT in the creator’s skullz ecosystem – CrazyMummiez and NuclearMummiez.

Staking CrazySkullz NFT will grant you 5 $BONES per day, while CrazyMummiez and NuclearSkullz will grant 3 $BONES and 2 $BONES per day respectively. You can double your $BONES if you hold at least 3 ‘Spooky Halloween Cards’ and the CrazySkullz NFT simultaneously. You can use the $BONES tokens to access new generations of the CrazySkullz NFTs, vote for the important decisions in our project, buy pieces of fractionalized NFT Blue Chips, or use them in their play-to-earn game in the future.

You can find more information about CrazySkullz and all their upcoming releases like CrazyMummiez dropping in late November 2021, and Nuclear Skullz in 2022.

Website: https://crazyskullz.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Crazy_Skullz

Discord: discord.gg/crazyskullz

Medium: https://link.medium.com/wrSKmKHxEjb

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