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Project Spotlight – MetalHeads

In the spotlight this week is MetalHeads, a promising new project with an upcoming metaverse and strategy/simulation game. We picked this project to feature because of its striking artwork, backed by a powerful lore and a team comprising some of the best talents in the creative and gaming industries.

Their first collection of NFTs comprising 1,088 MetalHeads characters will be available for public mint via their official website on Sunday 14 November.  But before it all begins, let’s take a journey through the immersive, dystopian universe of the MetalHeads, and take a sneak peek at the upcoming NFTs. 

The MetalHeads Universe

Eternal City paints a picture of a dark, dystopian future, where mankind has exhausted all resources, and an endless oppressive arcology of gargantuan skyscrapers and overcrowded mega-slums spans the earth. Unable to fix their home, citizens of the earth turned instead to fixing their own bodies with Augments – synthetic organs capable of dealing with the toxic environment. 

As governments remain corrupt husks, the city’s most notorious gangs reign supreme, carving out a dark future for themselves. They were the first to truly embrace metal over flesh, callously altering their bodies with powerful augments.

Thus, mankind melded with machine. 

Soon after, some Augmented began seeing strange visions – first thought to be anomalies resulting from shoddy upgrades, but later discovered to be glimpses into a world beyond – an undefinable realm lodged between the world of mathematics and mysticism

This new world came to be known as the Source Code, deemed as a realm of absolute incorruptible data. Some saw it as a way to true wealth or true power- and some – the path to divinity.

When it was discovered that “fragments” of the Source Code could be extracted, this sparked a great race to acquire the priceless new-world resource. Now, every gang in Eternal City wants a piece, no matter the cost. After all, that’s a small price to pay for a MetalHead.

The Gangs Of Eternal City

There are 4 Gangs in Eternal City that will be released in the first MetalHeads NFT drop. Each Gang has 272 MetalHeads, made up of 150 commons, 81 uncommons, 36 rares and 5 epics.


There are few who can match the resources held by the ancient Ashikaga Clan of the Northern Blocks. Rooted in Yakuza codes and traditions, the reason for their dominance is obvious. To be an Ashikaga is to be ruthless and unquestioningly obedient. Anything else is paid for liberally in suffering.

Common Gurentai 
Uncommon Samurai 
Rare Daimyo 
Epic Shogun 


Made up of formerly opposing triads from the eastern blocks, the only thing stopping the vapour gang from tearing each other apart is their collective hatred towards the Ashikaga. Fiercely territorial and combat-obsessed, they can be credited for turning much of Eternal City into a war zone. Best to stay away.

Common Paper
Uncommon Tiger 
Rare Pillar
Epic Mountain


The neo-cultist unclean make their home in the seedy mega slums of eternal city. As the poorest and most persecuted, they know what it takes to survive. At their core is a desperate, verging on psychotic belief that the source code is their way out of the shadows. and that makes them very, very dangerous.

Common Deacon
Uncommon Priest
Rare Bishop
Epic Elder


Hailing from the Western Blocks, the militaristic Eisen Guard is distinguished by their machine-supremacist ideology. Their primary M.O. is to exterminate all who do not abide by their manifesto. Mean, fascist, and armed to the skeleton with cutting-edge augments, they are not a gang to be trifled with.

Common Trooper
Uncommon Officer
Rare Sturm
Epic Reich

Community Perks

Holders of the 1,088 MetalHeads NFTs will be eligible for 112 “Special Drops” which contain the mysterious 5th gang and 8 Legendary from the 4 gangs. The Special Drop will happen 1 month after the public sale via raffle. Weekly snapshots will be taken to determine the amount of raffle tickets each NFT holder will receive.

Down the road, NFT owners will be able to use their MetalHeads as characters in the project’s next developments, the first being a simulation/strategy based game set in the MetalHeads Universe. 

The Brains Behind MetalHeads

Jarold Sng’s Concept Art for GEARS: 5 – Infected Deebee

Jarold Sng is the brains and creator of the entire MetalHeads Universe. An avid gamer himself, Jarold has spent his career immersed in the video game industry; serving roles that include CG generalist, Senior Concept Artist and Concept Art Director. 

Some of the notable video game titles that Jarold has his creative thumbprint on include: StarCraft, Gears of War, SimCity, Sonic Racing, Kinect Star Wars, Tales of Zestiria, Splatterhouse, Heroes Charge and Shadow of the Eternals.

Jarold has always had a passion for statue designs and collectible designs. The concept for a MetalHeads Universe is something that has been brewing in his creative mind since 2016. Thanks to the advent of NFTs, talented artists such as himself now have the opportunity to share this Universe with the rest of the world. 

At the crossroads where crypto economics meets artistic genius, his brainchild will finally be able to become a reality.

You can check out Jarold’s portfolio on his website or on Artstation.

Alongside Jarold is a founding team of industry heavy-hitters including Grimlord (executive producer, film writer & director, and founder of an award-winning Production House and Digital Marketing agency) and Hodlbull (Co-founder of a Film Production House with 2 movies released on Netflix).

The Road Ahead

The talented team at MetalHeads has more than a few ideas that are in the works. Their plans to expand the MetalHeads Universe include:

1. MetalHeads V2 NFT Airdrops
2. MetalHeads Comic
3. MetalHeads Merch
4. MetalHeads Animated Series
5. MetalHeads Simulation/Strategy Game

The MetalHeads Collection will be dropping on Sunday, November 14, 2021 8:00 AM EST . You can mint your own MetalHeads NFT on their official website

While you’re at it, Don’t forget to join the MetalHeads Discord server for the latest developments, access to games, giveaways, and more!

For secondary sales, visit the MetalHeads store on Mintable. 

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