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Metaverse Spotlight: Bullieverse

Bullieverse is an Open Metaverse developed for the community of gamers and creators. It is built for the Web 3.0 citizens to have an immersive environment with a transparent and fair monetization mechanism, on a low-code building platform where they can create and publish their own games.

In line with the spirit of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), Bullieverse will evolve into a community-owned Metaverse through the distribution of their Bull tokens to creators and players.

To begin with, Bulliverse aims to achieve its vision of becoming not just a metaverse platform, but the metaverse, by building a loyal and crypto native community that loves their dope NFT designs, immersive gameplay, and simple game creation mechanisms.

Are you bullish on the metaverse? Want to be part of building the next big metaverse platform? If so, Bulliverse is for you! 

Bulliverse NFTs

Your entry to Bulliver Island comes with a purchase of a Bulliverse NFT, called Citizens of Bulliver Island.

The NFTs 10,000 uniquely and programmatically designed bulls, each one created with varying traits, like skin color, facial expression, clothing, horns, and accessories. We have used over 160 different traits in creating Bulls that will be used as avatars in Bullieverse games.

Buying a COBI NFT instantly makes you a Citizen of Bulliever Island. It’s possible to become a member of the Metaverse through a free pass as well, but it comes with limited access. Citizenship, complete ownership, and certain exclusive benefits are accessible only to bull owners.

The benefits and utility of owning a Bull are as follows:

  • Play-and-Earn
  • Create-and-Earn
  • Own Land on Bulliever Island
  • Own Assets
  • Incrementally higher rewards via more NFTs or Shell tokens

Own a bull, and you gain foremost access to Bullieverse releases – spectacular new games, bull properties, and infrastructure that is added to the Bulliverse space. All rewards in the Play-and-Earn category have significantly higher rewards for bull owners, enabling them to earn much more than other players.

The Bear Hunt Game: An addition to the Metaverse is the Bear Hunt game, which is again exclusive to COBI NFT owners. Winners of the Bear Hunt game will receive a Bear NFT.

Land Grab: Land in the Metaverse would be sold in phases, and as bull owners are top-tier participants in the game, they get early access to the sale of land.

For more information on citizenship, play-to-earn benefits, and land ownership, check out the Bullieverse whitepaper

Bullieverse Tokens

Bullieverse has a dual token model, the Bull, and the Shell.

Bull tokens are the governance tokens that are linked to key decisions and voting on resolutions, as the organization moves towards decentralization.

Shell tokens are the gaming utility token that keeps the platform liquid and fuels the play-and-earn and create-and-earn economies.

Bulliverse DAO

Bullieverse will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization

This process occurs as Bull token is distributed among players, creators, and community, with the Bullieverse Inc. ownership becoming less concentrated over time.

Starting from 2023, Bull token holders can stake their tokens through the staking dashboard. They can also start to vote on proposals brought forward by the Bullieverse Inc. team, and decide on a governance framework for the DAO. 

Building The Metaverse

SnowCrash is the Bullieverse game creation engine developed on Unreal Engine, which leverages the full potential of Unreal Engine and the Unreal Engine marketplace, and has built-in plugins to enable in-game purchases and introduce incentive mechanisms like play-to-earn. 

Bullieverse provides Lego blocks consisting of assets, textures, materials, animations and more that creators can simply drag and drop. Game creators will be able to do the following as part of the game creation process:

  • Use Game templates (more details on templates to follow)
  • Customize Characters and Animations
  • Plugin Social Kit
  • Choose an Environment Pack
  • Add Particle Effects
  • Plugin to PvE AI
  • Use metadata APIs to access NFTs

All asset creation processes on Bullieverse have to go through a curation process where they are assessed for quality and checked for any malicious and harmful content. This process is performed by a group of community members in a decentralized process. 

Want to be a part of the Bulliverse community and help build the metaverse? Join Bulliverse today!

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