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Metaverse Spotlight: Solice

In our very first Metaverse Spotlight, we’re introducing Solice, the next Metaverse platform primed to become The Sandbox and Decentraland’s biggest competitor. It is the first-ever cross-platform VR Metaverse platform to arrive on the Solana blockchain, a proof-of-stake blockchain to rival Ethereum. The whitelisting of the Solice IDO on Solanium launchpad starts on December 27. The IDO is scheduled to be launched on Dec 29th, 2021, offering its native token $SLC followed by the NFT sales of LAND spaces and Avatars.

But before all that happens, let’s dive into Solice and see what the hype around this emerging Metaverse platform is all about.

What is Solice?

If you’ve ever played Second Life or any other social Metaverse games like Minecraft or Fortnite, Solice will most certainly appeal to you as a gamer. It is a virtual Metaverse accessible via an Oculus headset or through your desktop and interconnected with various virtual worlds. Solice is a Metaverse that allows interoperability for maximizing the user’s experience. One is able to connect ownable digital assets and engage communities by inviting friends and family into the various platforms supported by Solice.


Because Solice is a Metaverse that is decentralized for virtual world ownership through NFTs, players exploring the game can purchase digital assets in-game using the in-game token $SLC. Just like in games like second life, the Solice Metaverse is designed to allow you to live a digital life akin to the experience of the real world, a place where you can buy and own things that would belong exclusively to you e.g. land, clothing, apparel, and pets. You can even enjoy a democratic governance system through the Solice DAO, a model based on liquid democracy and automated using blockchain smart contracts.

What’s in the Solice Metaverse?

The Solice Metaverse is home to a whole array of activity experiences based on the design of the game. These range from traveling between different virtual worlds, to collecting pets, having your very own Solice citizenship identification, building, creating, and trading assets, playing mini-games, and the ability to stake and earn rewards. 

Solice Islands:

Within the Solice Metaverse, players can travel and engage with other players on different virtual worlds called islands. ​​The Solice metaverse consists of 5 unique islands, each with its own styles and features.

Amoris – The Utopia for the civilized human species. (The first island to be released)

Yamashi – One of the oldest ancient islands, filled with forest, nature, and mystery.   

Kriaz – Also known as the Ocean island, because over 40% of the island surface is covered in water.

Ludivour – Warm and ashy island due to the powerful volcano that burst centuries ago.

Zephyros – Where it all started, the mysterious and sacred island which has many unseen species and objects.

$SLC Token:

The game currently only has one native token as currency, $SLC. Possessing $SLC will allow you to navigate the digital plane of Solice just like you would in the real world with real-world currency.

Solice ID:

The Solice ID is your identification pass for the Solice Metaverse. It is what you will need to have an identity in the Metaverse and to navigate the digital world with ease and security. Players can connect their wallets to their Solice IDs securely without the disclosure of unnecessary information.


The Solice marketplace will be home to all the digital assets for sale in the Solice Metaverse. From land plots to avatars, digital clothing and accessories, to buildings, pets, eggs, gemstones, and more. The marketplace is a subsidiary hub to allow players to design a more immersive and personalized experience in the Solice Metaverse. Players can also view objects in 3D VR before making their purchase.


Avatars are a virtual representation of a player in the digital space. In the Solice Metaverse, players are able to personalize their avatar with items like digital clothing or accessories that can be found and bought on the marketplace.


As part of the activity and ownership experience of the Solice Metaverse, you can purchase a digital pet that will follow your avatar around. Your pet in Solice is represented by a virtual token and remains visible on the land plot that you own. Each pet comes with various unique traits of varying rarity. Your pet can increase your chance of obtaining rarer items like gemstones or eggs that can then hatch new pets. These eggs can also be sold on the marketplace.

Land & Assets:

Land and assets in the Solice Metaverse are represented by NFTs. Players can buy and own land they can then invite players they want to connect with. They can also choose to design and customize their bought land and monetize it by charging for visits. Players can also take tokens on land in order to gain access to rewards and rare materials/ingredients that can be traded on the market.

In the future, players will be able to combine lands to form cities, and combine cities to form districts.

Play-to-earn Mechanism and Dungeons

Solice will also be introducing a play-to-earn mechanism in the Metaverse to allow players to earn $SLC tokens, rare assets, and item upgrades by completing quests. 

A void dungeon is a place connected to the Solice Metaverse through magic portals called gates. Once users interact with the gates and enter the void dungeons, they can stand to be rewarded with $SLC tokens when they partake in challenges and games to “clear the dungeon”.


The editor is an application created to empower creators to exercise their creativity by designing and sharing 3D model assets usable in the Metaverse. Players and creators can design and create assets as well as mini-games that will be turned into digital tokens to be sold on the digital marketplace.

What’s next for Solice?

Backed by a range of fantastic brands like Three Arrows Capital, Animoca brands, and several funds like the Mintable Go Fund, there is no doubt Solice is going to be a game-changer for decentralized Metaverse games. The game employs a mixture of DeFi and GameFi models that not only enhance the player experience but also allow for a trading and reward system. 

Find out more about Solice:


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