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Game Spotlight – Crypto Fight Club

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In our latest game spotlight, we’re going old skool with a classic boxing ring type match game called Crypto Fight Club. It is an NFT game that allows you to battle other players, stake inside your NFT, and compete in championship matches to earn real-life rewards!

Don’t miss their NFT launch and staking protocol deployment will take place on December 26th at 10:00AM UTC.

What is Crypto Fight Club?

Inspired by 90s handheld console battle games like Pokemon and Final Fantasy, Crypto Fight Club (CFC) allows you to summon avatars that will fight and battle other players for rewards and bragging rights. CFC is the battle game format revamped by blockchain technology with play-to-earn functions. Paired with NFTs, players are entitled to full ownership of their in-game players and items. Powered by $FIGHT, the in-game native token, and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), players can stake their $FIGHT to unlock different in-game activities and experiences.

Crypto Fight Club is all about taking existing ideas from current play-to-earn and staking models and enhancing them both, providing a product that has easy entry barriers and will make it fun and lucrative for everyone to get involved. 


Interestingly, everyone on the CFC team trains or practices martial arts of different calibers, and all find common ground for the love for combat sports. Andrius and the team at Gamestarter fell in love with the idea of combining blockchain tech, gaming, and combat sports to bring more use cases to the world of GameFi. And so the original idea of CFC was born. The current founder Cedric, who is also an owner at Elite Fight Club originally wanted to make NFT art similar to crypto punks only reinterpreted with famous fighters. But the idea of gamifying these NFTs took hold instead. Ashton and partner Felix therefore developed the idea for Crypto Fight Club by leveraging a key partnership at Gamestarter.

Read the CFC whitepaper here.

The Team

The team at CFC is made up of full-time, full-stack developers and crypto veterans ranging from URE5/Unity devs for gaming to seasoned JS and blockchain devs. Most of the team is experienced in crypto and has been leveraging their networks for new and exciting partnerships.

Project Roadmap

Q4 2021

  • IDO, TGE, and listing of $FIGHT.
  • NFT-721 sale. 5000 playable and stakable NFT fighters will be available via mystery packs shortly after the IDO of Crypto Fight Club – DECEMBER 26th 10:00AM UTC
  • Introduction and launch of the staking dashboard and product for all NFT fighters. Users will be able to stake Fight or the LP version of Fight to participate in the token reward pool.

Q1 2022

  • Playable mini-games using the newly acquired NFT fighters and earning $FIGHT based on future campaigns run.
  • Launching a transparency index, showing a surplus of information about the NFTs staking and amount of $FIGHT staked will be deployed.
  • The PvP game mode will be introduced whereas these future fighters can hash it out and play against each other for tokens and NFTs.
  • Deployment of the BEP-1155 NFT wearables. These wearables will consist of gloves, shorts, belts, and more that will enhance your fighters stats for the next match.

Q2 2022

  • Launching the Crypto Fight Club NFT marketplace. Players can acquire and transact NFT fighters, acquire NFT wearables, and earn royalties on all transactions made throughout the marketplace.
  • 2nd BEP-721 NFT sale. 5000 more future fighters will be deployed and this 2nd generation will also be used for playing the games and staking.
  • Furthering partnerships outside of crypto with fighters from professional sporting companies. Upon closing these fighters, they will make debuts in the game and help support marketing efforts.
  • With the gamified gyms created, players can free-roam and complete a series of objectives earning the upcoming play2earn token, $JUICE.$JUICE will be acting as the primary play2earn token that is newly minted based on objectives completed. Players can earn $JUICE and also spend it all within the ecosystem to revive fighters, upgrade gear, and fight for NFT wearables.

Q3 2022

  • Partnering with famous gyms has enhanced the awareness and credibility of Crypto Fight Club. With these partners, we will gamify and recreate the gyms into “mini-metaverses” for the PvE mode. These will be classified as NFT land plots that can be used to earn passive streams of tokens.
  • Tournament mode will be a game-changer for the Crypto Fight Club community. Should you not have an NFT to participate in fights or staking, users participating can back future champions and support them as if they are their sponsor. They can also spend tokens to spectate the events and even go as far as advertising in the gym.
  • The Ultimate Crypto Fighting Championship will be the biggest event to date for Crypto Fight Club. Details TBD upon future partnerships.

What to expect from CFC

The first 5000 NFT holders that stake earns higher APYs from the 1% inflation paid out to stakers, while the first NFT holders will be allowed to beta test the mini-game and compete for a chance to win $FIGHT. Players can expect a series of easy, quick mini-games leading up to the launch of the big game in Feb/March 2022. Their NFT launch and staking protocol deployment will take place on December 26th at 10:00AM UTC. You will NOT want to miss this one.

CFC players can also expect the development of CFC-related Metaverses by the second quarter of 2022, with “mini-metaverses” or real-life and fictional gyms that people can hold as NFTs and earn passive revenue through.

CFC is also anticipating bringing you exciting partnerships with other major fighting and gaming companies like Animoca Brands, UFC, ONE Championship, Glory Kickboxing, etc, as well as onboarding new famous fighters, trainers, and gyms worldwide to further expose the business to the real world.

Find out more about Crypto Fight Club:


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